STYLE RIDERS | Summer 2022

STYLE RIDERS | Summer 2022

Hey sweaty betty!
Already starting to overheat in your riding gear as the country starts to warm up this summer? Now is the time to get yourself ready to be a breezy biker and get your summer moto wardrobe in order. To help you with some ideas around what best to wear on the bike, summer and beyond, we have pulled together some of our favourite summer riding moto outfits for you.
We hope this gives you the inspiration you need to get kitted out & comfortable in your riding gear so you don't sweat it up this summer. Enjoy those twisties, those holiday rides or your commute to work, even if it's sweltering outside, we've got you covered.

H e a r t b r e a k e r .

The heartbreaker rides with pride in her single layered getup knowing her threads are steadfast to protect her in any battles that dare cross her path. Add to that outfit some irresistible red & pink accents and you my lady, are now ready to hit the road & break some hearts.

Women's Summer motorcycle outfit
HELMET | Hedon. Tux Racer (NEW)
JACKET | Atwyld. Endurance  (NEW)
OVERALLS | Atwyld. Two Wheels (NEW)
GLOVES | Liberta. Beetle v2
BOOTS | Gasolina. Shortcut
• • •

W e e k d a y . W a r r i o r

The weekday warrior is he who has no time for the "safe" option. And by safe we mean boring commuter wear. The weekday warrior knows that he needs to be armed with safety as well as style. One who rides to work, knowing they look the bollocks.

Summer motorcycle gear - weekday warrior
HELMET | Hedon. Ash Racer
JACKET | REV'IT!. Sherwood Air
JEANS | Tobacco. Selvedge
GLOVES | REV'IT!. Volcano
BOOTS | Trip Machine. Derby (NEW)
• • •

R o d e o . Q u e e n

The rodeo queen knows how to be seen when she gets atop that moto saddle. During the hot sunny day she has a bit of a badass edge with her double denim cowgirl vibes, but when that sun goes down & Aunty La Niña visits, the tassels come out and holy Dolly does that wild child know how to party! 

RIDING SHIRT | Black Arrow. Savannah
JEANS | Clutch Moto. Matriarch
GLOVES | Grifter. Bandolero (SALE!)
BOOTS | Black Arrow. Josie
• • •

G r e e n . S q u i r e

The green squire is an urban rider with a lust for beautiful things and a desire to turn heads. A rider who not only likes to keep things cool in body temperature but cool in vibes too.

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  • Pip Traucnieks

    I love these style guides. Do you have the Atwld overalls back in stock? Looking for the gold ones.

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