The Moto Est. Core Values

The Moto Est. Core Values

The Moto Est. core values are the ten building blocks of our small business that make it what it is today, shows our vision & all the things that shape the unique sense of culture & community we have.
It is very easy to set up an online store & sell some stuff. It's very easy to be just another motowear retailer. But that's just not us. At the heart of everything we do, are our customers, our community & our sense of inclusivity & respect for every rider.
We wanted to share these core values with you so you can see all the love & passion that goes into Moto Est., why we are different & what our store means to us.




We're here to encourage conscious shopping.
We want you to own gear that is going to last the miles... and then some. To do this, we offer quality over quantity by focusing on hand made, locally made and well made products.

Slow Fashion

Our gear isn't always the cheapest, but it is the best. When comparing apples with oranges, look at the quality of stitching, the quality of the fabrics, the high level of protection and the thoughtful design. Then think about having all of those qualities in a motorcycle garment protecting you for years to come.

Preserve your gear, use our care instructions. To view specific garment care instructions for each product, check out the 'LOOK AFTER ME' tab on each product page. If your garment starts to wear because you just can't stop riding, we always recommend repair over replacement first. Say no to fast fashion!!

We make it our job to inform you on how best to protect your gear, because you need to protect the gear that protects you!


#2. Learner Friendly.

We celebrate new riders, not judge them!
It can be intimidating and overwhelming jumping into the world of two wheels, but we're here to make it an exciting and enjoyable experience that you will never forget.

Learner Friendly Store

Tell us you just got your licence and we'll welcome you with open arms, ask you how you felt the test went, share our own embarrassing stories, let you know that it is ok if you dropped your bike, guide you to the right start-up gear and show you our learner friendly blogs to help you on your new journey.


#3. Community.

Our community is at the heart of everything we do.
All products, posts and decisions come down to what we want for our community, and that is a supportive, inclusive and downright top notch environment to connect, gear up, learn and ride as part of a tribe.

Motorcycle community

We take every opportunity to get out and about amongst it all. If we aren't putting on a community event of our own, you'll see us rolling past on the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, dusting off our boots at Sheila's Shakedown and getting quality social media content on community group rides. If there are motos involved, chances are we're already on our way!


#4. Sharing Knowledge.

We're actually just a bunch of moto-dorks obsessed with everything two wheels. 
We want to share everything about this obsession with you!

Free Motorcycle Knowledge

Whether you're a moto-veteran or a moto-virgin, there's always a lot to learn. We're not experts or mechanics but we do the research, check the facts and lay out our knowledge into fun & easy-to-read blogs. We do this because it gives us pleasure knowing that we can help others (also because we love learning!)

The aim is to build a massive library of User Manuals so you always know where to look when you need some help. 


Let us know which one you found the most helpful or what topics you think we should cover next.


#5. Customer Support, Accessibility & Flexibility.

Finding the right gear for you shouldn't be a marathon.
We recognise that shopping for the right gear can be tricky, particularly at a time of heightened financial stress and an age of flash sales and impulse buying. We do our best to help you find what's right and within reach, not push you into unnecessary purchases that won't last the distance.

Customer support at Moto Est.

To make things a tad easier, we ship internationally, have AfterPay available both in store and online, as well as a 30 day returns policy that allows you to exchange, credit and even refund until you find what you're after (T&Cs online). If you need a little extra help, we also do our darnedest to stay on top of our emails, phone, social media accounts and website chatbot. 

Get in touch, and let us work our magic!


#6. Body Positivity.

We get it!
Finding stylish gear for womxn who ride used to be hard. Finding gear for curvy womxn was absolute torture. 

Body Positivity at Moto Est.

With help from some of our amazing brands, the struggle is over! We have put the miles in, to create collections of gear suited to embrace different body shapes because EVERYbody deserves to feel beautiful both on and off the bike!

This is just one of the many things we do to help make a big difference to your shopping experience. Use our 'Shop By Edits' menu to view our CURVY, PETITE and TALL collections, or the BIG & TALL for the dudes.


#7. Storytelling.

There's something real special about storytelling.
Whether it be reposting a customer's Instagram story, having a laugh in our stock room or going on a wild tangent with someone in store, storytelling allows us to get real, connect and inspire.

Her Storys of Moto Est.

One of our biggest highlights each month is reading through a new story and sharing it with our community on our 'Her Story' blog. No two stories are the same, but we all share a love for motos. Check out the awesome stories via the link in our bio, and head to the 'Share Your Story' page to get involved!! 


#8. Acknowledgement + Respect.

When we ride, we ride on unceded Aboriginal lands.
When we open our Moto Femmes Showroom doors, we open on unceded Aboriginal lands.

Naarm, Melbourne

We are fortunate to be based in Naarm (Melbourne) on the beautiful land of the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation. We pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging, and we celebrate the diversity of Aboriginal peoples, their rich culture and their connection to the lands and waterways of this Country.

Our commitment is to continue learning from and standing with First Nations People.

Always was, Always will be Aboriginal Land ♥️💛🖤

TIP: When you’re riding somewhere new, take the time to visit First Nation's resources to learn about the traditional place name and traditional owners of the land.


#9. Protection. 

Safe to say (pardon the pun),  that protection on two wheels is crucial.
The more you look after your gear, the longer it will look after you.

Our job is to be the little angel on your shoulder, or maybe your mother's voice in your ear telling you the importance or protection on the road, so that you can identify your own risk appetite and make an informed decision when purchasing new motowear.

For a rundown on all things safety, visit us in-store or use the 'SAFETY' filter when shopping online. 


#10. For the love of motorcycles.

We could tell you even more values that inspire us to do what we do, but we'll wrap it up here with this one, which speaks for itself!

for the love of motorcycles

Happy riding!

♥️ The Moto Est. Crew


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