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STYLE RIDERS | Summer 22/23

Hey hot stuff!
As the glorious sun begins to emerge we all find our happy place on two wheels... but when the heat takes over and you find yourself sweating up a storm with your legs wrapped around a hot engine, your body sitting over a tank of flammable liquid, your comfort zone can quickly disappear.
Kit yourself out in summer appropriate motorbike gear & ride on into euphoria!
 We have taken out the guess work and curated a couple of Summer outfits to keep you looking fresh, feeling cool whilst riding safe, so you can spend less time scrolling and more time rolling!

the rockstar.

She’s ready to heat things up this Summer and bound to kick start a few hearts along the way. This outfit will have you begging for an encore.

Women's summer motorcycle gear

Recommended Accessories:
Trip Machine. Pannier/Backpack 
VISOR | Hedon. Coffee Haze


The Watchdog.

Effortlessly transitions from road to room, he’s a chameleon of sorts and a shoo-in for best dressed. He’s got your back cause his gear has his.Mens summer motorcycle gear 2023

HELMET | Hedon. Ash Hedonist (SALE)
JACKET | REV'IT! Territory
TEE | Clutch. Icon
JEANS | Clutch Moto. Raw Selvedge
GLOVES | Corazo. Enzo
BOOTS | Trip Machine. Derby 2.0
• • •
Recommended Accessories:
BELT | Trip Machine. Double Pin

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