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HER STORY | Danielle Franks
This month we have an incredible story by Danielle Franks, from Melbourne, Australia. Danielle's moto journey started on a trip to Indonesia. She quickly evolved from being a pillion, to a scooter rider, which of course lead to her riding her own motorcycle around South East Asia.


HER STORY | Harmony Castille
This month we have an incredible story by seven year old, Harmony Castille, from Denver, Colorado.
Her story embodies the phrase 'Carpe Diem - Seize the Day'! Harmony went straight from training wheels on her bicycle to a pocket bike and is now racing her very own Ohvale 110 on the track. 


HER STORY | Cassie Galati
This month we have a story by Cassie Galati, 43, from Melbourne, Australia.
Cassie's love for motorcycles developed instantly after a holiday in Thailand. This devotion towards two wheels became her therapy to fight breast cancer & travel solo around Tasmania.


HER STORY | Ana Valdez
This month we have a story by Ana Valdez from Texas, USA.
Ana gained her licence less than two years ago & in that time has owned four bikes, traveled thousands of miles & custom built a 
BMW R100RT with her hubby. 


HER STORY | Ana Bribiesca
This month we have a story by Ana Bribiesca from LA, California. Ana did not grow up around motorcycles and was discouraged by others when she decided to go for her licence, however after riding pillion she decided that it just wasn't enough. She has now discovered a new meaning to freedom after getting her bike and joining an all female motorcycle community.


HER STORY | Mary Pang
This month we have a story by Mary Pang from Connecticut, USA. After only one year of owning a bike and learning how to ride, she has ridden almost 5000 kms and has discovered a new perspective on life.