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Kate's Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is upon us once more! Whether you are 'Mrs. Organised' or 'Mr. Leave Everything to the last minute', I have some great gift ideas to help you spoil your family & friends this Christmas.

The beauty of buying a gift for someone who rides or is obsessed with all things moto, is that buying gifts is super easy because who doesn't love getting bike stuff?!?! You should never buy someone a puppy for Christmas, but at least with moto gear you know that the person is going to love it, use it and be so happy to receive it. Moto gifts are practical, cool & personal but not a gift that the person is going to wish they could take back instead of having a life long commitment. You can't go wrong with a good 'ol moto gift & we are here to help you get your gift giving cogs turning with some ideas from our range that we think the giftee will love!

11 Best Christmas Gifts For Motorcycle Riders - 2022.


1. Gift Card

1. Moto Est. Gift Card

Pocket money: Starting from $25
Ideal giftee: Uncle Bob, School Teacher, Motowife, Lover, Kris Kringle
Format: Physical or Digital

It goes without saying that you can never go wrong with a Moto Est. gift card! Either snatch up a Physical Gift Card which will be posted to you (allow enough time to receive it in the post) or a Digital Gift Card, a foolproof gift for any budget & great for those last minute panic presents as it hits your inbox instantly!


2. Stubby Holder

moto est stubby holder

Pocket money: $10
Ideal giftee: 
Alcoholics, Soda Addicts, Hipsters, Campers, People with cold hands
Design Options: Flames or Sparks 

A cheap & cheerful sack filler, guaranteed bonus points if you gift it with a can in it! An inexpensive but practical gift that everyone will love because you can't get the unique Moto Est. designs anywhere else.


3. DBAD Sticker


Pocket money: $10
Ideal giftee:
D!ckheads, Best Friends, The Boss, Bad Drivers
 Black or White sticker and an Iron On Patch.

DI-WHY? Because this sticker is every moto helmet's best friend. A cheap & cheerful sack filler, the giftee doesn't need to ride, just tell them not to be a d!ck or help them send a message to others 'not to be a d!ck'. They are vinyl cut so look great & are long lasting and work best as a helmet sticker, car bumper sticker, laptop sticker & more; the options are endless.


4. Beeswax Leather Seal

Pocket money: $25
Ideal giftee: 
Anyone who's not Vegan, Leather Lovers, Clean Freaks

This best selling little number will help spruce up last year's leather presents AND protect them from rain, thanks to old mate La Niña who has clearly overstayed her welcome. An affordable and thoughtful Australian made product to gift on it's own, with a pair of gloves or as a sack filler that's actually useful!


5. Sacred Flame Tee

5. Sacred Flame Tee

Pocket money: $59
Ideal giftee: 
The Cool Kids, The Kids who need help being Cool, T-Shirt Lovers

This vintage inspired Unisex Tee is a multi-purpose gift suitable for all occasions: ridewear, pubwear, sleepwear, formal wear, plus, anyone wearing it will instantly earn extra street cred... because who doesn't love flames?! As it's a unisex tee, if your giftee loves it tight, size down and if they love an oversize loose tee, size up.


6. Riding Gloves 

6. Riding Gloves

Pocket money: Starting from $55
Ideal giftee: 
All Motorcyclists & Pillions
Options: Leather, Vegan, Summer, Winter, Armoured, Men's, Women's & all the colours of the rainbow.

"I've already got a pair of gloves, I don't need more" said no one ever! Perhaps you're sick of looking at their ratty, worn mitts or perhaps you can find a pair that perfectly matches their motorcycle, either way, every biker loves a good variety of gloves to ride with & you really can't go wrong. Not sure of their glove size? Take a stab & they can always swap if need be.


7. Cashmere Neck Warmer

7. Cashmere Neck Warmer

Pocket money: $99
Ideal giftee: 
Luxury Lovers, The Friend who is always Cold, All-seasons Riders
Colour choices: Mulberry, Grey Star and Black

Small enough to fit in a pocket, big enough to protect you from the cold. It's a thoughtful gift that will remind them of you, every time they're comforted by the warmth & purity of cashmere. This is a great gift for moto lovers or anyone that wants to add a bit of pizzazz and warmth to any outfit with this super soft cashmere.


8. Tank Pouch

Pocket money: $125
Ideal giftee: 
The Un-Organised Friend, Leather Lovers, Pouch Fanatics
Colour choices: Tobacco, Tan, Cherry and Black.

'Magnetic gold' for that mate that says "Hey, can you fit this in your bag?" or "Would you mind carrying this for me?" They've got built in belt clip if the giftee has a tendency to lose things or the super strong magnets allow them to fill it, stick it to their gas tank & hit the road. Throw in a 'Don't Be A D!ck' sticker and you've got yourself the perfect subtle gift that keeps on giving!


9. Tool Roll

9 Tool Roll

Pocket money: $125
Ideal giftee:
 Moto Newbies, Moto Enthusiasts, Tinkerers, Risk Averse Pals, Anyone who owns a vintage bike or Harley!
Colour choices: 
Six leather colourways to suit any bike!

'How do you make a hand-made tool roll?  You buy one from us, then push it down the hill!' That's a free joke you can use in your Christmas card! All tool rolls are also sent with an info card that links to our blog "USER MANUAL: DON'T BE A TOOL... CARRY THEM!" to help the giftee load up their tools. This gift will boost anyone's mechanical confidence!


10. Helmet Hanger

10. Helmet Hanger

Pocket money: $169
Ideal giftee:
 Helmet Owners, Moto Enthusiasts, Neat Freaks, Vintage Lovers.

What a great gift to help make someone's helmet & jacket a place of pride. This isn't your average hanger, it's a beautiful handmade piece of art to hang on your wall that also happens to house your beloved moto gear. A perfect addition to any motohead's garage or living area.


11. Pit Crew Jumpsuit

11 Pit Crew Jumpsuit

Pocket money: From $229
Ideal giftee: 
Mechanics, Pit Crew, Style Lovers, Vintage Lovers
Colour Choices: Black, Gold, Olive, White and Denim

I just had to include the Pit Crew, not because it's one of our best sellers but because it looks so damn good on every different body, yes that includes the guys too! This retro cut jumpsuit is flattering to all, it's a lifestyle get-up that requires no motorcycle or licence, it's not your average piece of clothing so I recommend gifting it to someone really special.


We offer a range of payment options making it super easy for you and if the giftee loves Moto Est. but wanted something different, don't worry, we have an excellent 30 day returns policy which we extend over the Christmas period so if your giftee wants something different and you purchased the gift in November/December, we will extend our 30 day returns policy by one week after Christmas Day and offer them a credit to purchase something else they love from our store.

 Christmas gifts for motorcycle lovers

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