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As you know, motorcycle riding comes with risks, and unfortunately, that includes theft. We have pulled together some of our top tips for making your motorcycle as secure as possible & minimising your risk of losing your beloved ride.

Moto theft is far more common in Australia than you would think, particularly in major cities like Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. In fact, according to the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, over 9,000 motorcycles were stolen in Australia in 2021 alone.

With the right tools and enough time, all theft prevention systems can be broken into and disarmed, so rather than putting all your trust in the accessories, the idea is to make the theft process as long and difficult and unappealing as possible. Put simply, a thief is far more likely to approach a bike with only one quick barrier than three different ones.

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Step 1: Insure.

From the moment you purchase a motorcycle, insurance is a no brainer. Shop around for the best policies to suit your needs/budget, and make sure you are covered for theft. We pray to the moto gods that it doesn’t come to that, and suggest that you do all that you can to prevent it, but give yourself the best possible chance of getting through it financially if it does.

Lean on others in the community (e.g. facebook groups or riding groups) for advice and personal experiences with different insurance providers and keep tabs on what’s out there throughout your whole policy so you can always have the best coverage available.

swann insurance

CREDIT: Swann Insurance

Step 2: Deter.

Always be aware of your surroundings when you park your motorcycle, and where possible, park in a secure location such as a locked garage or a secure car park. Don’t be fooled though! A shared locked garage or car park means that doors and gates are opening and closing without you knowing, so you will need to invest in additional security measures like those listed below.

If you’re parking your motorcycle outside or in a public area, choose somewhere that is well-lit and visible to passers-by. After all, a thief likely won’t want an audience!

 motorcycle security


Step 3: Delay Delay Delay.



One of the simplest ways to decrease the risk of motorcycle theft, or at least delay the process is by using a sturdy lock or alarm system - or better yet, both!

Opt for locks that are specifically designed for motorcycles, and make sure they are made by reputable brands with high-quality materials.

Types of locks include;

Disc Locks

This is a portable security device that attaches to a wheel disc and prevents your bike from being rolled more than a single revolution. If you’re a forgetful soul, you might want to buy a reminder cable so you don’t forget to take it off before you ride off and damage your bike!

oxford disc lockCREDIT: Oxford Products

Grip/Handlebar Locks

These attach to your right handlebar grip and lock the brake lever in an activated position, so even if your bike is put in neutral, it won’t be able to be rolled away.

grip lock handlebarCREDIT: Grip-Lock

Chain Locks

These can attach multiple different points like wheels or frames to a fixed object, such as a ground anchor, lamp post or fence. Tip: If you’re in a rental, ask your landlord for permission to install a ground anchor in your driveway or down the side of your home!

oxford ground anchorCREDIT: Oxford Products


Many locks on the market are dual purpose and will have alarm features. These simply sound an alarm at different frequencies and for different durations if someone tries to move your bike. This alone can act as a great deterrent, particularly in public spaces or outside your home at night.

motorcycle alarm



Motorcycle covers aren’t often seen as theft prevention but in our eyes, the more barriers, the better. A cover alone can take time to remove and also hides your bike from the eyes of thieves on the lookout for specific bikes to prey on.

motorcycle cover


Step 4: Track. 

So you did all the right things but someone just wanted to watch the world burn and persevered through all your preventative measures. You poor bugger!


A GPS tracker can be incredibly helpful in recovering your lost love and there are many to choose from, so do your research and choose one that suits your needs, budget and location. Thoughtful placement is also crucial to avoid it being removed straight away. Hide it somewhere that is unassuming, hard to get to or inaccessible without locks/keys.

motorcycle gps tracker

In the devastating event that your beloved motorcycle or scooter is stolen, involve the authorities and get the word out in your local area as soon as you can. Use social media to your advantage because the motorcycle community is an amazing and resilient one and you never know what pressure & eyes peeled might do!

We hope this has given you some basic security tips you weren't yet aware of, or if you were aware and have been slack... get to it!

Go forth and secure your baby.

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