STYLE RIDERS | Winter 2022

STYLE RIDERS | Winter 2022

Turn up the heat!

Everyone knows that riders are resilient. If you throw us some chills, crispy cold weather & a down pour, we will continue to ride! The rider head nods on the road are all the more special in wintertime because you know that the rider going by you is also a moto addict and can’t help themselves but hop in the saddle through rain, hail or shine.

To keep you warm and safe on those winter rides whilst not compromising on style, we have put together some of our favourite outfits for the 2022 Winter riding season to keep you going, so you can keep making those wintery head nods while you are rugged up, comfortable & lookin' the goods.

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Black Widow.

The Black Widow is for one who embraces the dark side & appreciates style in its simplest form.
This outfit is a great winter get-up but full of gear and accessories that you will continue to wear all year round.

This winter wardrobe features the Night Hawk jacket which comes with a sheep shearling collar you can buckle up for coverage against those cold winds and a removable quilted full sleeve lining which is warm but has that cosy satin feel & then paired with the new Dahlia Leggings which are a textile & leather combo, you'll be riding all through winter in style!

winter wardrobe - the black widow
Complementary Accessories:
RAIN JACKET | REV'IT! Cyclone 3 H20
VISOR | Hedon. Coffee Haze

Silver Fox.

The Silver Fox has been assembled for you to ride in style all year round.
We all know e
very cloud has a silver lining, so get through this chilly winter with sleek moto threads designed to keep you comfortable; rain, hail or shine. 

This winter outfit features the urban meets sporty Afterburn jacket which not only looks hot, but it has a removable thermal liner, detachable hood & is fully waterproof. There aren't many winter jackets that look this good whilst having all the features you could ask for. 

winter motorcycle outfit

HELMET | Hedon. Ash Heroine Classic (SALE)
JACKET | REV'IT! Aferburn H20
PANTS | Pando Moto. Mark 02 Cargos (NEW)
GLOVES | REV'IT! Stratos 2 GTX (NEW)
BOOTS | REV'IT!. Mohawk 2

• • •
Complementary Accessories:
BELT | Trip Machine. Double Pin
NECK WARMER | Black Arrow. 100% Cashmere

Head Turner.

Do you want to be a Head Turner?
This outfit will turn those heads, we promise but not just because of the beautiful textures & colours of the gear but because people will be wondering how you can look that good & still be riding out in the cold.

This winter outfit features the military style Avventura jacket which has the understated feature of thumb loops! No more cold air getting in under those sleeves because your jacket slips on nicely under your gloves.

style rider womens motorcycle outfit winter 2022
Complementary Accessories:
RIDING SHIRT | Black Arrow. Savannah
NECK WARMER | Black Arrow. 100% Cashmere

The Nomad.

The nomad gears up for the long journey ahead with no destination in mind.
Sporting warm earthy tones, this layered getup with have you feeling toasty & rugged up, ready to hit the road for miles and miles of enjoyment.

This winter outfit features the Clutch Moto Selvedge jeans; unmatched protection and style, designed & manufactured here in Australia with 100% premium vintage raw denim... and best of all require no washing - perfection for the nomad.

The Nomad

HELMET | Hedon. Xtasy Hedonist
JACKET | Tobacco. Bridger Waxed Cotton (NEW)
RIDING SHIRT | Tobacco. Bandito (NEW)
JEANS | Clutch Moto. Selvedge
GLOVES | Grifter. Gauchos
BOOTS | REV'IT!. Arrow

• • •
Complementary Accessories:
BANDANA | Eudoxie. Thelma

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