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INTERVIEW | Kysa Moto Bikes - Ladies Motorcycle Riders Group

We have been lucky enough to have an interview with the lovely Kylie Sage of Kysa Moto Bikes. 

This Ladies Motorcycle Group was created by Kylie and has turned into one of the largest ladies motorbike groups on the Gold Coast - Australia, with over 200 registered members!


Who is Kylie Sage?
I don't really know where to start... I am a Mum to a beautiful teenage son, Jackson. I have a husband, Matt and we live on the Gold Coast. I grew up on a dairy farm on the Sunshine Coast and we had dirt bikes and horses, I loved both. When I finished school I bought a KLR250 and commuted to work for a few years. Then when I met Matt in 2008 I took up riding sports bikes. Matt had a Ninja 600 and he gave it to me and he bought a GSXR 1000, we rode everywhere, did some track days and just had a lot of fun.

What is Kysa Moto Bikes and where did it all begin?
I started Kysa in 2010; after riding around with Matt for a couple of years I noticed more and more ladies riding as well and I thought that it would be fun to ride with other women, so I started a Meetup page and within 6 months I had around 60 ladies in the group, I organized our first ride and it was amazing! We had so much fun. The group continued to expand with over 200 members now from Tweed to Northside of Brisbane.

Tell us about your most memorable moments with the Kysa crew?
There have been so many! One in particular was when about 20 of us all went riding together out the Numinbah Valley and were pulled over by the police at the time when the new 'riding in a group laws' came out. Luckily the police where happy policemen and let us take photos with them and have a bit of a laugh about being such a bad-as looking bikie gang.

We have had some crazy and funny overnighters up to the Sunshine Coast, also did the Oxley Highway with lots of partying as well. I have got us lost many times on different rides which adds to the adventure, actually every Kysa ride is always an adventure!

Many long term friendships have started with Kysa. We recently had a weekend away and many of the girls thanked me for starting the group as they have met some of their best friends. A few Kysa members are in Europe at the moment on a riding tour, they are having an amazing time and they all met through Kysa as well.

Kysa co-ordinates the Black Dog Ride-1 Dayer on the Gold Coast. The first year we did it, we had over 800 bikes turn up! We all freaked out as we didn't expect that many, it was definitely a memorable day!

What would you say are the main reasons why women have joined your group and what your members get out of being part of Kysa?
I think most of them just love being a part of a group and they all have something in common. Kysa welcomes all women riders, beginners to experienced, cruisers, sports bikes and even trikes and spiders. All members receive a membership card which allows them to receive discounts from various motorbike related businesses, a sticker and they can also purchase a Kysa top from our online store.

Tell us more about Kysa for those who are interested in becoming members.
Riding a bike and meeting other women who have that common interest is a lot of fun. I think it opens up a whole new life experience. Kysa caters for beginners who have just got their license, our newbie rides are on the first Saturday of every month and this ride is at the speed limit and we have corner markers as well so no one gets lost of left behind. Our other ride is for our more experienced riders and is on the third Sunday of every month, this is a longer/all day ride.

What is next for Kysa Moto Bikes?
Ladies Day at the Raceway at Morgan Park (flyer attached)
Overnighter to the Sunshine Coast in November
Encouraging and supporting new riders
Supporting women who race
Organising the next Black Dog Ride
And many more rides and adventures!

We hope you have enjoyed our interview with Kylie and to find out more about Kysa Moto Bikes please do check out their website.


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  • Andee

    How about FRoC – Female Riders of Canberra? They started nearly a year ago and have over 200 local women in their group. Same deal – cater for all abilities and also do social get togethers and dinner once a fortnight.
    1st birthday party coming up on the 15th October.

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