100 Father's Day Gift Ideas + Bonus Dad Jokes!

100 Father's Day Gift Ideas + Bonus Dad Jokes!

Get planning for Father’s Day, don't be the kid that forgets!
We have put together a wish-list of wheelie cool moto-gift ideas to suit all budgets.  

Father's day gifts under $20 Father's Day Gifts Under $50 Father's Day Gifts Under $100 Father's Day Gifts Under $250 Father's Day Gifts for the sugar daddy 

How do you pick the perfect gift for Dad this Father's Day? You don't.

We have picked our top gift ideas to save you the trouble. All you need to do is:

• Pick your budget or what your Dad's happiness is worth to you.
• Decide what he needs or wants.
• Choose if you want a Gift or a Gift Voucher... and Bob's your Uncle!




Father's Day Grifts Under $20 Australia

What did the bike say to the annoying car?
"Are you four-wheel?"

A little goes a long way. Here are some of our favourite small gifts to suit the minimalist budget.
Or can't decide? Group some together for one epic gift your Dad will love.


DBAD vinyl stickers Chopper motorcycle pin Stubby holder    socks  spark sticker stay weird socks 


Fathers Day Gifts under $50

Why did the rim get kicked out of the library?
Because it spoke.

These are a few of our favourite things... for your Dad... for those with a modest budget but want to get a massive smile out of him.

 gift cards        



Father's Day Gifts Under $100

Why did the racing bike decide to join a rock band?
Because it had a drum brake!

This is what we call the Every Dad category.
You will literally find something your Dad needs or wants, no matter the rider he is & he will love it! That is a guarantee.



Fathers Day Gifts Under $250

I got a motorcycle for my husband last week.
Best. Trade. Ever!

Want to splurge on Dad or going in with the rest of the family to get him an even more epic gift? You are in the right place.



Father's Day Gifts for the Sugar Daddy

Why won't my motorcycle run?
Because it's two tired.

Are you ready to splurge like no one has ever splurged on their Dad on Father's Day before? Do you have 8 siblings and you are all putting in for a gift for Dad? No matter your reason, if you have a big budget, this bad boy is for you!








Well as you can see, when it comes to Dad jokes, we Triumph every time!
We hope this gift guide helped you find the perfect gift for Dad, just a little reminder that Father's Day in Australia is on Sunday 5 September this year so please allow enough time for shipping to make sure he gets it in time. We offer free shipping Australia wide on all orders over $150 & if you would like a personalised note to give with your gift, just let us know in the notes section of your order.
If you still haven't found that perfect gift, have a browse through even more gift ideas here.

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