Each month we post a Her Story blog, telling the stories of 'womxn who ride' from all around the world. We hope that by sharing these stories we can help encourage our readers to build their confidence, learn and inspire each other.

Each January we do a special edition 'Her Story' where we revisit the riders who shared their stories with us throughout the past year. We look back at all the stories shared with us & we also have some rider updates too, a bit of a where are they now! We hope you enjoy.



her story aimee february 2023F E B R U A R Y . Aimee  

LOCATION: Auckland, New Zealand
AGE: 25
BIKE: Suzuki GN250
RIDING FOR: Eight years
"Motorbikes offer me a sense of freedom and exhilaration that I haven’t found elsewhere. I love riding all sorts of bikes, or at least riding anything anyone will let me! The riding community is unique and it feels like every other rider (at least in NZ) is looking out for you."

Her Story March 2023 Bee AngM A R C H . Bee

LOCATION: Perth, Australia
AGE: 44
BIKE: 2022 Triumph Street Triple 765 & 2016 Triumph Bonneville
RIDING FOR: Five years

"Last year a group of us decided to ride in Chiang Mai, Thailand to complete the Mae Hong Son Loop and this year 2023, Ha Giang Loop in Vietnam was on the list. Instead of doing the loop, we decided to head north from Hanoi, did a massive loop and back to Hanoi, covering all the rural towns in 11 days. We rented the Honda XR150L and for a 5 foot 1 person, this is a tall bike."

Her Story Bee Ang Hanoi adventure

"The highlight of this trip is the bamboo raft where we need to ride off road to the bamboo raft so we can cross the river. Although I have fallen times after times on this trip, I’ve managed to pick myself up and continue the journey. Life is a journey and everyone is on different paths, but choose yours and enjoy every second of it, even if it scares you."

Her Story Bee Ang riding in Hanoi

Her Story 2023 Dani HillA P R I L . Dani 

LOCATION: Sydney, Australia
AGE: 31
BIKE: Mutt Mastiff
"From a very young age I can remember my Dad riding a motorbike, generally being awesome and having a badass attitude. I was taken in. I loved everything about bikes, the very smell of petrol brings back childhood memories. So naturally, as soon as I was old enough, I was on back of my Dad's motorbike."

Her Story May 2023 Meg KanaiM A Y . Meg 

LOCATION: Tokyo, Japan
AGE: 28
BIKE: KTM Duke 250 & Triumph Street Scrambler 900
RIDING FOR: Two years

"The reason I became interested in motorcycles was the influence of the manga "GTO" (do you know everyone?). I admired the hero Eikichi Onizuka riding a cool Kawasaki Zephyr, and it made me want to ride a cool one too someday."

Her Story June 2023 Renee ThompsonJ U N E . Renee

LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia
BIKE: Royal Enfield Meteor Stellar
RIDING FOR: Seven years

"I didn't realise the profound impact motorbikes would have on my life, not only from a community perspective and the feeling of freedom that comes with riding, but I've met so many rad sheilas in the process. I host the 'Sheilalympics' annually at Sheila's Shakedown, I'm a proud member of Dykes on Bikes Melbourne Chapter and ride in pride marches and during rallys to show community solidarity and protection."

Her Story July 2023 Cissy ChenJ U L Y . Cissy

LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia
BIKE: Honda Rebel 500

"It was a real honour to be featured in the riding story. It's been busy and hectic and I haven't had much time to ride since but I've had at least three people come up to me to say hi and tell me that I inspired them to start riding. This has reminded me to plan a roadtrip or try to ride more no matter how busy life is."

Her Story August 2023 - Sandrine SilvaA U G U S T . Sandrine

LOCATION: Feijó, Portugal
AGE: 37
BIKE: Moto Guzzi V7 Stone
RIDING FOR: Seven years

"My story about motorcycles started seven years ago, when I had never ridden a motorcycle and never dreamed of riding one. I was coming out of a very complicated eight year relationship, and that's when everything changed. On one of my friends' outings I ended up at a fair in Porto Salvo (Oeiras) lots of music, grills and suddenly a biker group appears, men and women riding motorcycles and that's when it clicked, I like that... then I went to meet them to understand the motard concept and what you had to do to enter, they invited me to go to the motorcycle club headquarters the next day and I went."

Her Story September 2023 Paula PazS E P T E M B E R . Paula

LOCATION: Galacia, Spain
AGE: 38
BIKES: Honda Rebel 500
RIDING FOR: Three years

"My friends really supported me. They drove behind me in their cars when I went on my first rides. What a journey! I remember thinking that I wasn't gonna be able to make it, but here I am now with the A2 license and a 500cc motorbike (don't underestimate yourself!)."

Her Story October 2023 - Lena Bartalszky
O C T O B E R . Lena

LOCATION: Vienna, Austria
AGE: 37
BIKE: 2021 Triumph Street Twin
RIDING FOR: Three years

"Looking back at this year of motorcycle riding, it was most definitely the best one so far. It brought me so much happiness & joy and the places I’ve been to were just amazing."

What was your highlight of 2023?

Due to a little break between jobs this summer, I had the opportunity to go on a three week solo trip. Which was the best idea ever and I’m still thinking about it with a full heart and a smile on my face. Started in Vienna, went through Germany to Denmark and explored everything this beautiful country has to offer.

Her Story Lena Bartalszky recap

Do you have any road trips planned for 2024?

There is nothing specifically planned yet, but I really want to do another road trip through Europe. Maybe France or Portugal this time. But no matter what, there will be as much motorcycle riding as possible again.

Her Stories of 2023 with Lena Bartalszky

Her Story November 2023 - Jasmine Rose N O V E M B E R . Jasmine

LOCATION: Los Angeles, California
AGE: 41
BIKES: 2017 Triumph Bonneville T120
RIDING FOR: Seven years

"During a visit to Iron & Resin in Ventura, CA, I walked into their brilliant display of vintage motorcycles and was instantly inspired. In that moment, something inside me just clicked, and I immediately knew what I wanted to do next: I wanted to ride motorcycles."

Her Story December 2023 - Anna RigbyD E C E M B E R . Anna

LOCATION: Cumming, Georgia USA
AGE: 42
BIKES: 2008 Honda CBR600rr

"A year after learning to ride I finally did my first track day weekend with my husband. I still remember the anticipation and absolute fear. But in those two days I learned more about riding than I had over the entire previous year of being on two wheels on the street, and this is where the true obsession started."



We would like to say a huge thank you to all the riders who took part in our Her Story blog series for 2023. You are all truly amazing and we are so very proud to share these stories with our readers.

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