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Click here to find out more about the artists and the work they did for this raffle. 

We're huge believers in supporting talented independent artists and championing their work.
Without the creativity and vision of artists, the world would be an awfully uninspiring place! So...

We've teamed up with five local tattooists & the legends over at Grifter to bring you this exclusive collaboration!

grifter raffle

Five tattoo artists were handed a pair of Grifter Scoundrel gloves to customise in whichever way they please.

For your chance to win, get yourself a raffle ticket!
All of the money raised will go directly to the artist or charity of their choice.
sera helenmeighanhoney tripperanna may

1st prize:
The pair of customised Grifter Scoundrel Gloves.
Be aware, there are five seperate raffles, so be sure to buy your tickets for the pair you want to win.

1st Runner Up: $50 Moto Est. gift voucher
2nd Runner Up: $20 Moto Est. gift voucher
3rd Runner Up: "Don't Be A Dick" vinyl cut sticker
Each ticket will only set you back 10 bones and there is no limit on how many you can buy.
The value of these gloves are $109, the value of the art & your support is priceless!


Get in it to win it...

Purchase your raffle ticket for the specific gloves you wish to win
$10  = 1 raffle ticket/entry.
Your order number will be your raffle number(s).

Check the product description to find out the glove size for each artist, these gloves are pre-painted & prizes are only for the size stated. 

Prizes include free world wide shipping.
No refunds or exchanges.. Don't be a dick, this money is going straight to the artists!
Comp closes at 10am (AEST) on 31st July.
Winners will be announced via instagram @motoest and will be notified via email.

• • • • •

Motorcycles are a lifestyle. That lifestyle comes issued with a community of talented and genuine people. Many of those people have built a business from their passion, just as we have, and by sharing these interviews & collaborations we hope to connect you and help support local.
2020 has been a total shitstorm for all of us, we are hoping this rad collaboration will shine some light on tattooists who have been forced to cease work for the majority of this year.

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  • Alison

    Who were the artists featured. Looking for a tattooist for a new addition. Thanks,

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