HER STORY | Shauna

HER STORY | Shauna

Her Story. A series of blog posts telling the stories of 'women who ride' from all corners of the globe. We hope that by sharing these stories we can help encourage other women to build their confidence, learn from others and inspire others.

This month we have a story by Shauna, 42, from Oregon, USA. Starting from the ripe age of 9 Shauna was on two wheels, but it wasn't until later in life she got on the road. Soon after she jumped from a Honda Grom to a bike almost four times the size.

We hope you enjoy her story!


Hi, my name is Shauna. I am a 42 year old single mother living in Hillsboro, Oregon. 

Shauna from Hillsboro, Oregon.
I started riding when I was 9 years old...a vintage Honda 90, which had a clutch. As a child, I was a daddy's girl and was lucky enough to have a father who involved my siblings and I in his interests: cars and motorcycles. I rode dirt bikes and drove hot rods as I was growing up.
shauna on her honda grom
Fast forward to my 30's, I decide to get into street bikes. I started on a Honda Grom and within a few months bought a Triumph Bonneville (which I switched out the exhaust on myself).
shauna on her triumph bonneville
I had a friend with a Harley that I would ride with, who let me ride his Road King as my first time on a big bike on the highway. After less than a year with the Grom and Bonnie, I bought my first Harley....a 2012 Road King.
Shauna on her 2012 Harley Davidson Road King
I had it painted by Sal Trevino in LA - pin striped pink, orange, and purple. Just this year I decided to buy another Harley...a 2021 Sportster, which I use for shorter trips around town and twisty roads while keeping the road king for longer rides 
Road King painted by Sal Trevino in LA
Riding motorcycles is not only nostalgic to me but also therapeutic.
Shauna - Her Story
I love meeting up with fellow enthusiasts and going on rides. I have a close group of rider friends who are always down to meet up spontaneously for a ride.  I've made a lot of great friends since getting involved with the motorcycle community and have started to plan events that bring more of us together. 
Harley Davidison Road King painted by Sal Trevino in LA

Thank you to Shauna for sharing her story!

Follow her journey on Instagram: @yermamashauna

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