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Her Story. A series of blog posts telling the stories of 'women who ride' from all corners of the globe. We hope that by sharing these stories we can help encourage other women to build their confidence, learn from others and inspire others.

This month we have a story by Kim, 39, from Melbourne, Australia. Kim dabbled in silversmithing but it wasn't until she started riding & joined a strong community of female riders that she began to build sissy bars and accessories. She is also an ambassador for She Wolf Moto Co. in Melbourne.

We hope you enjoy her story.


Hi my names Kim Jeremiah, 39 years old and I live in the south east suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. 
Kim Jeremiah on her Harley Davidson 72 sportster
I'm qualified in landscape construction by trade and a machine operator. 
I was very lucky to grow up on my Grandmother's farm. Living off the land and having all the freedom in the world to do whatever I wanted. From having horses with my sister, to riding motorcycles with my brother, to looking after all the animals on the farm. It was such a great upbringing.
My first motorbike experience was a bad one. My brother had me on the front of his bike trying to teach me the basics, it was a 250 Suzuki Scrambler and to a little thirteen year old it was huge, I could barely touch the ground!
I let go of the clutch too fast and we both went speeding out of control right into a metal framed fish tank that was hiding in the long grass.
My wrist got smashed in between the handlebar and the clutch and snapped straight across, that led to a fantastic Christmas Eve in Frankston Hospital, I was so upset I didn't open any of my presents until I had healed.  
Kim Jeremiah
This still didn't turn me of bikes. If anything it made me want one even more but it wasn't going to happen. I nagged and nagged Mum, but she was dead set on no.
It wasn't until two years later on Christmas Day; We went to my Grandparent's dairy farm, drove down the long driveway and around that last corner, there it was... Sitting in the back of my Uncle's car, dirty, covered with cobwebs and pink streamers blowing in the wind, my very first bike! It was a 1977 Suzuki  175 Scrambler and it was AWESOME!
For three hours that night, my brother and my sister's now husband, ran that thing up and down the farm hill trying to roll start it until finally she blew a huge bang, and the true two stroke black and blue smoke, and I was in love. 
Kim Jeremiah at Sheila's Shakedown
I then got my licence when I turned nineteen. I got a 250 Suzuki Bandit and boy I rode that thing everywhere! But after a few bad experiences and a P-plater swerving at me to show off in front of his mates, I decided road riding wasn't for me. 
My advice for anyone starting out would be to get a bike you can handle and move around easily, test ride over and over until you're 100% sure, and ride as much as you can even to the local. Don't give up like I did, keep going. We constantly learn the same lessons over and over, you'll be a rock star in no time.  
Kim Jeremiah at Sheila's Shakedown 2020
I got back into road bikes in my early 30's, riding here and there but not much until 2019 when I got invited to a group Christmas breakup party where I met some really awesome chicks who were having the time of their lives riding around together which made me super envious and I wanted to join in.
I went and bought myself my dream bike. A 72 Harley Sportster and boy it's been the best decision I've ever made!
harley sportster 72
Mum would always get my siblings and I Harley rides on any occasion she could. One day after coming back from a ride we were sitting in the farm kitchen and she said "One day I'll be sitting here, and I'll hear a Harley coming down that hill and up the driveway and I'll think... she's finally done it!"
Now every time I ride I can't help but smile and think of her. Riding brings back so many memories and brings that feeling of being near her again. 
It clears my soul. It's my place, where I can go and just forget whatever is going on in my head, the day-to-day stresses and just brings a warm happy feeling being out there with the girls.
sheilas shakedown 2021
My bike has taken me places I never would have gone if I didn't own it, such as Sheila's Shakedown. 
Sheila's is like the excitement on Christmas Day, but better! 
So many woman coming together and being able to feel free enough to be themselves with no judgement. 
I have met so many amazing woman there already, made so many great friends, and there's still so many more there to meet, so if you haven't been you need to because it WILL change you!
Sheila's Shakedown Australia
For years I dabbled in silver smithing and doing up old cars, but I was craving something different, something more... The more I started riding with women the more I realised there was such a huge market for women supporting each other in their businesses and wanting products that were made by women, this made my brain juices flow.
I started making sissy bars and other little things for bikes, mind you I was doing all of this in a small corner of my best friend's garage which just wasn't cutting it. 
custom made sissy bar
Like many I lost my job due to Covid and I needed something to do, so I started restoring an old barn to have more space and my own garage so I can start making all the things I've been dreaming about. It's not quite ready but it's close so to all you ladies patiently waiting, thank you. 
I always loved creating and making things that are one of a kind. There's something so fulfilling to me in the whole process, getting dirty and making a mess and seeing someone's vision come to life. It's what it's all about. 
hand made custom sissy bar
Covid also brought me to She Wolf Moto Co., which is an American group of women from East to West that is all about giving back to the community and helping Animal Rescue Shelters with donations. After talking to the founder Nina, she offered me to start one here in Melbourne which I was so excited about.
She Wolf Moto Co. has an online shop were a huge percentage from every sale gets donated to a different organisation every month, so not only do you get cool gear your also supporting an amazing cause. 
She Wolf Motor Co. Australia
Now that life is slowly going back to normal, I'm starting to get some things together to raise much needed donations for shelters that need help out here in Australia. I'm currently making a calendar with She Wolf women and fur babies to sell where all the proceeds will go to my first charity which is POTH Australia.  
POTH is run by amazing women who help homeless and vulnerable people together with their pets by alleviating the burden of providing essential pet care during times of hardship. 
Kim from She Wolf Moto Co. Melbourne
A lot of us have family and friends who can help us out in times where we may be sick and in hospital or need to relocate, but there's also a lot of people that have none of that and therefore lose their pets and have to give them away or their pets end up on the street. POTH Australia also help with this, they find short or long term foster homes for anyone struggling. 
This is a cause that hits most people's hearts. Most of us call our pets our babies and they are our family. We have all seen animals on the streets and wanted to help, so for me being apart of She Wolf is a way to not only give back and help but I can enjoy riding and meeting amazing people at the same time.
sheilas shakedown
She Wolf Moto Co. is just a way of life and also vegan friendly. 
I'm constantly looking for organisations, small sanctuaries and shelters so feel free to contact me on instagram if you know of any that really need help. 
She Wolf is a safe and welcoming space to anyone so please feel welcome to come join in even if you don't have a bike, you can drive behind on the rides. 

Thank you to Kim for sharing her story.
If you want to get in touch with Kim about my metal work, you can message her on Instagram @biker_barz
To support and find out more about She Wolf Moto Co. follow @shewolfmotomelbourne on Instagram.

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