HER STORY | Ann Gire

HER STORY | Ann Gire

Her Story. A series of blog posts telling the stories of 'women who ride' from all corners of the globe. We hope that by sharing these stories we can help encourage other women to build their confidence, learn from others and inspire others.

This month we have a story from Ann Gire from France. Ann has ridden motorcycles for many years and you can just feel her passion jumping off the screen as you read her story.

We hope you enjoy her story.

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"My name is Ann Gire, originating from France, I received an American educational background and consider myself a world citizen. I'm a lady rider in her late 30's who decided to make her passion for the ride, a LIFESTYLE!

Since my childhood I've always had that particular appeal for motorcycles. I spent my kidhood dreaming to become a racer at the 24 hours of Le Mans, asking for a motorcycle every X-Mas... However, I had to wait until 2000 to see half of my dream come true with obtaining my licence, and certificate to practice on track! My first bike was a Honda CBR FS, I have a true love for racing and the « R » motorcycles do really have a special place in my heart. When you are on track you simply face yourself, your limits, your demons, your soul and you have to go beyond everything, to push the limits and learn from yourself. It something that forces to go deep down into yourself if you want to go faster. Riding on track comes along with many values, such as humility, respect, and the will to never give up. When racing, you have to get the job done, no matter what weather conditions, exhaustion or personal issues. To ride fast, you have to ride free, you must leave all your problems at home to fully focus on your riding technique and goals. This is the most thrilling experience ever!

As the rules on the road became more drastic, I changed my way of life, now cruising on customs or café racers. I started motorcycling 17 years ago, with a strong focus and appeal for track. This is where it all started...year after year the desire to ride everyday has been so strong, I had to create my own communications and marketing agency dedicated to racers, teams, brands stemming from the motorcycling universe.

Owner and founder of a Marketing agency (RIDE R MEDIA) positioned at the heart of motorcycling (urban, road trips, racing), I started to work for racers, teams and now I do work for brands stemming from many sectors.

I launched recently my own blog in order to promote the products I discover, and people I meet during my rides. Glam Ride Blog is willing to show all riding ladies that we can remain glam, while making our passion for motorcycling a lifestyle, whether daily at the office, but also at home. I have a particular pleasure to write about all my experiences. Brands often ask for articles on the motorcycles' trials, or products, so I do share my discoveries with my audience with a great pleasure.

I do ride on my own for motorcycles trials, as well as in crew. Once a month I enjoy gathering with other girls who ride, without any limitation of age, type of motorcycle or any discrimination, so I do organize specific events with themes. All ladies are beautiful and those who ride have that little something of added value to their life!

My most striking experience of riding has been the road trip from Paris to Saint Tropez with Harley Davidson France...this was my American Dream come true. It ended up into an 8 pages articles into a french magazine.

I live my passion for the ride fully. The « Harley Media Ride » will remain my most beautiful memory of a ride! 3 days, 1200km covered on the most beautiful roads of the French countryside, punctuated by gourmet meals around the best tables of the regions, to rally Grimaud where the Eurofestival takes place, the flagship event of the brand gathering nearly 30,000 followers for 10 years.

I had the pleasure to ride with the 7 happy fews selected to try the 8 most luxurious cruiser motorcycles of the brand: Road King, Road Glide Spécial, Street Glide Spécial, Ultra Limited, Ultra Low, Ultra Limited CVO, Street Glide CVO, Ultra Road Glide CV.

Once on the roads of the south, scented with Mimosa and by the smell so characteristic of the truffle oaks, the route is a delight in the late afternoon, the color tones under the warm rays of the sun make this end Of Magic Journey.

We cross breathtaking landscapes that bring me back to my childhood memories, to strong emotions where the wonder of the little girl gives place to the contemplation and even tears as the emotion is so intense. Some landscapes coupled with the passing thoughts sometimes take you to the guts. I've ride this journey with an open heart, sometimes overwhelmed by my deepest feelings.

Once in Grimaud, we are entering another world, another dimension, the Harley Davidson Galaxy. What splendors are parked around us ... customized Choppers, personalized paintings more eccentric and beautiful than the others, goldsmith art on certain models, and clients of the brand HAPPY and PROUD to have an HD.

So this is the American dream! They came from all over Europe to attend this event and are proud to show their belonging to the brand. For some it is almost spiritual attachment.

We join our respective bungalows. I am amazed and very pleasantly surprised by the reception that is reserved for us by the participants. Of course I am more than happy to find myself surrounded by people like me tattooed motorcycle enthusiasts and beautiful mechanical objects and who assume their look as much as their choice of life. I discover by going to meet several groups, people at the look certainly atypical, tattooed, or sporting piercings, leather jackets or outfits unlikely but show a great knowledge, and a nice conviviality which recall that one should not judge a book by its cover.

The festivities will continue throughout the weekend, animations, concerts, parade and elections of the most beautiful machines are part of the program. Would that be the Harley spirit? Assume what we are, and choose to live our passion, our way of life in freedom and respect for difference.

I really enjoyed these moments of sharing whether with the participants at the Ride, or simply with the passers-by who from the little girl to the old lady look with amazement and a broad smile, the Harleys crossing their village. These are motorcycles that leave no one indifferent. They are atypical motorcycles, luxurious and with a well-established temperament.
More than motorcycles of exceptions, the Harley are a Legend. Riders do not believe in Paradise ... they believe in Harley Davidson!

 Being devoted to my job fuels my passion, however I needed more! Make everyday a Ride, and make my ride a Lifestyle! The most beautiful experiences of the ride were those shared with passionate riders, this could be a fabulous sunset on the mountains, or a great moment on Saint Tropez beach... or even a dream like meal in a castle shared during a road trip dedicated to gastronomy.

Ride fuels my Life, and my only concern is to encourage people, and women to enjoy their ride, the way they want to live it.

This is what my story is all about...being a lady rider who wants to spread the word and the free spirit of the ride.

Girls! Screw it! Let's Ride!" 

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Thank you to Ann for sharing her story and if you would like to share your story with us simply go to the Contact Page of the website and fill in the form and we will gladly be in touch.

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