User Manual: Valentine's Day Edition

User Manual: Valentine's Day Edition

Become one with your motorcycle this V-Day.

Have you found your Motorcycle's V-Spot? 
Get intimate with your bike this Valentine's Day and know it better than you've ever known it before!

Here are some fun activities you can play together to evolve your relationship...

The Blindfold Game.

Open up your kink draw.
Get out that blindfold.
Sit on your baby and find all the good spots;
Indicators, horn, high beam, low beam, killswitch… and of course the G-Spot aka the start button.
The blindfold game - Valentine's Day with your motorcycle
Knowing where all the controls are without having to look down will improve your riding so your attention will be straight ahead and not looking down each time you ride.  

Friction Foreplay.

It’s time to piss off your neighbours and get the party started!
In your garage, driveway or street, practice finding that beautiful point of friction between the clutch and throttle, it’s one of the most sensuous things you can do with your bike.
Throttle foreplay - Valentines day with your motorcycle
With both feet on the ground, bike on and in first gear, gently release the clutch to the point your bike moves forward and you are on your tippy toes, then squeeze the clutch in to roll back.
Once you have nailed finding the sweet spot, practice it again, and again, AND AGAIN.

Book a romantic date.

Do some research and find a nice spot for a getaway...
No distractions, just you and your bike. 
Romantic date with your motorcycle, Valentine's Day special
Plan a date you're both free and lock it in, no one likes to be stood up!
So stop procrastinating, do your pre-date ritual to shake off the nerves, hit the open road and enjoy the romantic highway sunsets together.

A day at the spa.

Treat your boo to a day at the home spa with some special care products and extra attention to detail.
Bath time - valentine's day with your motorcycle
Bathing your loved one is not only a sensual time to make your machine look and feel the best, it's also an essential activity to maintain a healthy long-term relationship. 

Make sure you hit all the good spots like the spokes, chain, exhaust.
Then give it a good rub and polish to follow through with a happy ending.

The Gift of Giving.

Nothing say's "I love you" like a meaningful, well thought-out gift. 

Free your bike from 'stock syndrome' and pamper it with accessories and custom parts to make your motorcycle truely stand out from the rest.

 The gift of giving this valentines day with motorcycle love

Customising your motorbike will bring you closer together as you are adding a touch of your personality to it's life, what better way to build a relationship!

Bedtime Stories.

Remember that juicy, fat book you got with your motorcycle?
That’s not actually a paperweight, it’s a manual on how to take tender loving care of your baby.
Bedtime Stories - Valentine's day with your motorcycleSome fun chapters to read together are:
and Tune-Up

Here at Moto Est. our aim is to help YOU love your bike as much as IT loves you. We hope these couples activities helped bring you closer together.
You're welcome.

Thank you to this rad crew for letting us crash their moto-dates!
Zoe, Netty, Sparky, Riz, Jason, Chad, James & Nina.
And, a very special thanks to Jake for creating all these incredibly sexy Valentine's Day visuals. 

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