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Ride the WIND - San Diego, CA

On November 3, 2018, we held the second annual Ride the Wind charity motorcycle ride in San Diego, CA. I'm Dax Jordan, the owner of Torque Moto Cafe in San Diego. Not long after I opened the cafe in 2016, I realized I could embody Torque. I define Torque as focused energy creating a positive motion. How would I choose to focus my energy?
Ride the WIND change in an effort to end domestic violence and sexual abuse.
My decision was easy: domestic violence destroyed my family and prematurely took the lives of both my mother and grandmother. There is nothing I am more passionate about than saving someone this kind of heartache. If I can somehow empower the victims of domestic violence and create a wind of change, then I will!
Ride the WIND charity to end domestic violence and sexual abuse.
Through friends who worked with victims, I discovered Center for Community Solutions. They provide counseling, legal assistance, shelter, and workshops on healthy relationships. The profits from Ride the Wind are donated to Center for Community Solutions and other local agencies.
Reaching out to various motorcycle clubs and individuals, I started inviting friends to join me. There were so many stories, so much diversity, and so many bikes! They came with their friends, dressed like aviators from the 1930s, and in the end, there was a feeling of unity—that we all cared. That was magic. That was Torque.
Riding the WIND of change in an effort to end domestic violence and sexual abuse.
Why Amelia Earhart? She embodied the brave, bold spirit of someone who challenged conformity. Ride the Wind is a concerted effort to make a difference for people stuck in very bad, seemingly hopeless situations. We want to empower those who feel powerless. Domestic violence affects women, teens, children, and men. It does not discriminate because of race, sexual orientation, or financial status.
“There's more to life than being a passenger.” —Amelia Earhart
Ride the wind san deigo
I couldn't save my mother or grandmother, but maybe, somehow, I can help save someone else.  
Please join us and Ride the Wind when we organize in a city near you.
Go to RideTheWind.us to donate.

Photo credit:  Amber Barlow @_barlo_

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