REVIEW | Safer Turn - Smart Brake Module

REVIEW | Safer Turn - Smart Brake Module

Have you heard about the Smart Brake Module (SBM) from Safer Turn?
Neither had we until we got the chance to test and review the product.

What You Need To Know

The Smart Brake Module has been created and tested by STS, a Slovenian based tech company, a group of motorcyclists, who create and innovate motorcycle add-ons with which safety on the road is improved. The SBM is an electronic device that easily attaches to your motorcycle and is connected to your brake lights. It uses accelerometer and motion detection sensors to detect when you're engine-braking or down-shifting and operates the brake light in the situations when you're not actually applying the brake.
So, in a nutshell this device warns vehicles behind you when you're decelerating by automatically applying your break lights.
safer turn smart brake module for your motorcycle

My Experience:

I don't know about you but when I first learnt to ride, I was told by my instructor to tap on the brake when slowing down to help show the drivers or riders behind you that you are decreasing your speed.
This helps avoid any surprises if you then need to brake quickly and gives them advance notice to start slowing down too.
It became a habit for me because it genuinely made me feel safer on the road. So when I got the opportunity to try this system that takes the guess work out, I jumped at the chance!
Smart Brake Module instillation on a ductati gt1000
The installation of the system was quick and easy. 
We just found a spot to sit the system out of view and connected it to the brake lights. It took a few test runs to get it working correctly, we found that it had to be sitting in a perfectly flat position to work properly. We must say, it was a bit fiddley to set up and get it working smoothly. We definitely recommend getting your mechanic to install it to save some hours of trial and error.
I personally like the flash setting because this is what I would usually do anyway. It just takes that extra step out for me and I can focus on what's going on in front of me all the time and know that my lights are doing the work for me.
Smart Brake Module for your motorcycle from STS

We did some testing of the system with a car travelling behind us because obviously, as the rider, you can't hang over the back and see what it's doing, and it works a treat!
There was one section of our test ride where we hit some pretty heavy road works and apparently I "lit up like a Christmas tree" but hey, better to be safe than sorry!
If you don't want too much flashing going on, all you have to do is set it steady mode.

Smart Brake Module (SBM) from STS installed

In summary, I feel this system sends the right message to people travelling behind you and I certainly feel safer on the roads now that I have it.


We bought this system for Daisy out of sheer interested and are not a brand ambassador of this product, nor do we sell this product in our store.

We hope you have enjoyed this review and we wish you happy riding!
Kate & Daisy (Ducati GT) x

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  • Lawrence

    Thanks for the review. Found a lot of negative comments about the company and some of the product, so I am still in doubt. By the way, the link to the STS website doesn’t work anymore 🙂

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