best motorcycle movies to watch in isolation

Must See Motorcycle Movies

Iso-bored! How ‘bout you? 
To alleviate that boredom and keep you all MotoVated Riz has put the hard earned hours of research in, to bring you this watch list of motorcycle related movies.

The best moto flicks to make Iso easier:

Road to Paloma

Road to Paloma (2013)


A shirtless Jason Momoa on a '56 panhead with a ‘48 springer front end; need I say more? 

But on the real, this film is a hidden gem and one of my all time favs. Directed, written & produced by Momoa, it hits all the right spots with the clever mix of life on the road, raunchy romance, and a touching storyline about social injustice. 

A contemporary Easy Rider vibe with a killer soundtrack!

Rent or buy on YouTube here.

Harley And The Davidsons

Harley and the Davidsons (2016)

Drama (mini series)

Keen to know about the birth of Harley Davidson?

This binge-worthy mini series feels like a documentary but is filmed in such a way that it appeals to everyone regardless of what or even if they ride. Harley and the Davidsons takes you back to where it all began, drawing the viewer in with a timeless and compelling story of three brave souls who started something from nothing. 

Watch the full series for free on YouTube here.

21 Days Under The Sky - motorcycle movie

21 Days Under The Sky (2016)


21 Days follows four men on two wheels traveling 3,800 miles from coast to coast toward a one-night chopper show called the Invitational. This doco pulls you into the dirty life on the open roads and touches base with some historic legends such as Tom Fugle.

It’s the hypnotic cinematography, paired with a gravelly voice of the narrator talking dirty moto poems, and a fine selection of music that makes this movie must watch.

Rent or buy via the links at


stone cold motorcycle movie

Stone Cold (1991)

Action / Crime

This movie is so bad it's good. Think Baywatch vibes without the beach, if you can! A badass cop goes undercover and joins a bike gang to bring the world to justice. Classic, classic stuff. 

• Best mullet game
• Leathers to die for

• Female equality is non existent

Watch it for free on YouTube here.


Chips movie

Chips (2017) 

Action Comedy

A hilarious and easy-to-watch film based on the 70's TV series. Extra funny & relatable for those who have broken bones or have mates with previous injuries from motorcross. 

I must admit the plot is basic AF, but to be honest what action/comedy movie does have a solid storyline?! Don't let the crappy reviews stop you from watching this, I was almost in tears of laughter.

Rent or Buy it on iTunes here.


harley davidson and the marlboro man

Harley Davidson & the Marlboro Man (1991)


A "modern" day cowboy flick with iron horses and gun slingin' action. This flick is a must see, all-time classic! It's also quite refreshing to see a featured female rider behind the bars (not just riding bitch), especially for the era.

Rent or buy it on iTunes here.


The World's Fastest Indian

The World's Fastest Indian (2005)

Drama / Biopic

If you haven't seen this one you must be living under a rock – or in isolation 😬
So crawl out, hit the couch and press play. This heart-wrenching true story is the classic underdog narrative. But it’s also a triumph of ability over age. And when is Anthony Hopkins
not a great watch? 

Rent or Buy it on YouTube here


venom motorcycle movie

VENOM (2018)


Is this technically a moto flick? Not really. But I’m a sucker for marvel movies and there’s one epic bike chase in Venom that’ll have any adrenalin junkie throttle-snapping their remote.

Rent or Buy it on YouTube here.

More Marvel characters/movies with rad motorcycle scenes:

Wolverine: Hugh Jackman finds himself a Harley to burn off on in most, if not all, of the Marvel movies he features in. Yummy!
Captain America has quite the branding and association with Harley Davidson. He originally rides a military '42 WLA back in WW2, then in the present day movie sequels you see him riding a Harley Street 750.
Black Widow: Scarlett Johansson shows us that electric motorcycles are not toys and can indeed keep up with the big boys! She rides a prototype of Harley Davidson's LiveWire bike in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), the LiveWire was officially released last year as Harleys first electric bike.
Ant-man: Marvel switch it up a bit here, featuring a long chase scene with Ant-man riding a Triumph Thruxton R.
Captain Marvel: Just a short scene in this one of Captain Marvel stealing a 90's Harley Sportser and riding off.


honorable mentions

Easy Rider Gif


Easy Rider (1969): The bible of motorcycle/chopper movies

Bennett's War (2019): Just stumbled across this one on Netflix the other day. Not the most original storyline but there is some killer motocross track scenes, there is something about watching bikes fly through the air in slow motion that get the heart pumping.

Cool As Ice (1991):
Starring Vanilla Ice, this 'top quality' movie got some decent wear & tear on the VCR back in my childhood. Think fluro outfits, brick shaved buzz cuts, hammer pants and some bright-ass 90s Suzuki & Kawasaki sports bikes. Best quote of the movie "Drop that zero and get with the hero."

TT: Closer to the Edge (2011): A doco about the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, the most deadliest motorcycle sport event which is located between England & Ireland and has been running annually since 1907. Pretty sure this one's on Netflix, it's has amazing reviews but wasn't my cup of tea.

Oil In The Blood (2019): We had the pleasure of watching the release of this one on the big screen for their worldwide launch last year. It's a feature film on contemporary custom motorcycle culture with interviews from builders, riders and enthusiasts from around the globe.

The Girl on A Motorcycle (1968): Quite a raunchy film of a woman bored with her marriage who turns to motorcycles and a sexy leather outfit to find a more exciting relationship.

The Mini-Skirt Mob (1968): So strange it's hilarious! For our first Sheila's female campout we had this on a pull up screen in the middle of the bush and drank and laughed and enjoyed the weirdness of it. Get your mates together for this one.

Batwoman (2019): A fairly shitty new DC TV series, starring the Australian badass babe, Ruby Rose. She rides an HD Iron 883 as her daily, however they use sound affects from a sports bike in every scene of her riding which is a total boner killer.

The Wild One (1953): One of my old time favourite black and white flicks; some pesky hoodlums shake up a small quiet town with biker gang antics.
Fun fact: The Beatles got their name from Marvin's gang in this iconic movie.


I hope this helps keep you busy during the days you can't get your throttle fix. There are plenty more moto movies out there, hit us up in the comments below if we have missed any must-watch flicks!

Happy watching!

written by riz

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