Moto Femmes X Dirt Daze 2019

Moto Femmes X Dirt Daze 2019

There's nothing like waking up to the smell of fuel and caffeine.  The sound of tools tinkering on engines. Stories being told from the night before and the anticipation of the track opening for the first ride of the well awaited Dirt Daze Weekend.

What an amazing weekend!

Photo Credit: Sarah Emily 

After a long ride and the setting up of camp, we had everything on hand to get ready for ripper night. An ice cold Young Henry's served by the awesome Ryan, Hannah & Nicki, and a Sparrow's Philly Cheesesteak hit the spot when the pumpin' tunes began courtesy of DJ Mermaid, DJ Tiny Dancer, DJ Hot Pants and DJ Lou Lou.


Highlights for us were participating in a friendly competition of riding the raging bull and the camp hopping, talking bikes, talking shit and getting to know all the other crews who travelled from all over. We met a solo traveller over from Denmark, a crew from Adelaide and everywhere in between and you get excited knowing you will see everyone again next year if not before. Moto friendships are the best!

After finally crashing out at an ungodly hour, we wake up to do it all again. Beer for brekkie then on with the day! 

After another hard and dirty day of riding it was back to the bar for another Young Henry's and a fresh hot pizza from the Nomad Pizza Food Truck and some rocking local bands including the sultry country sounds of Emilee SouthCivic, Mesa Cosa, HoneyBone, Bitch Diesel, and my personal favourite for the weekend Fandango (if you are ever in Melbourne be sure to check them out!).


After the beers and bands were over I found my way back to camp and the fun times continued on with a good old fashioned chinwag with the camp neighbours The Mountain Goats who took some amazing footage throughout the weekend. (see teaser below👇

Like most first time festivals, there were plenty of hiccups, but as soon as that dirt track opened up, all cares seemed to disappear. Riders were grinning from ear to ear and the comradery between all the festival goers was just unbelievable. From sharing spare parts to a helping hand after a spill in the dirt, and the dirt, sooo much dirt. There was an endless array of bikes, big, small, fast, slow and just the down right hilarious - guy on the scooter attacking the hill climb, we are pointing at you! It was on for young and old.

Aside from the food, drinks, music and sense of community, there were so many awesome rides to check out. The guys from Antique Motorcycles brought along their Y2K Jed Turbine Superbike which turned a few heads and there were so many riders who brought along several different bikes to run around the tracks from postie bikes to scooters, to choppers to racing bikes to cafe racers and absolutely everything in between.

We were lucky enough to ride four of the new Scrambler Ducatis to the event which also turned a few heads! Kate was on the Scrambler 1100 Special, Jacinta on the Scrambler Icon, Katie on the Scrambler Desert Sled and Riz on the Scrambler 1100 Classic. We loved the location of the event because it meant not only do you ride around all weekend but on the journey there and back we opted for B roads which meant we saw some incredible scenery and stopped for some great photo ops. We love that it's not just about getting there but HOW you get there, it's all part of the fun.

 Photo Credit: 50 Prime

All in all, what a weekend! A huge thank you must go to the Kustom Kommune crew who put this event together in record time and did not disappoint. Thanks to Louie, Nina, Jimmy, Chris and Bruce for all their hard work and a huge effort. We also loved the amount of volunteers who worked so hard to make it all happen too. You really had everyone chipping in from putting up fences to emptying bins and it just showed how amazing the motorcycle community really is.

I'm still on a high and am counting the days until next year's event.

Moto Femmes Dirt Daze Crew 2019


Written by: B-rad

Banner Image: Conrad Coleby

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