Her Stories of 2020

Her Stories of 2020

Each month we post a blog telling the stories of 'women who ride' from all around the world. We hope that by sharing these stories we can help encourage other women to build their confidence, learn from others and inspire others.
For a very special January Edition of Her Story, we reached out to some of the beautiful women who shared their stories with us this past year, to see where they are now and how their moto journeys panned out during the wild year of 2020.



Name. Alison Oosthuizen
Location. NSW, Australia
Age. Naughty 40
Bike. Harley Davidson Superlow 883
Riding experience. 4yrs


How has 2020 affected your riding experience?
It's true absence makes the heart grow fonder. I suppose like most riders, for me being on the bike is real freedom. The massive takeaway from this year for me has been gratitude for the raw experience of riding. I suppose after lockdown I feel like all my senses have become a little sharper and being on the bike definitely amplifies that. Really revelling in that sense of openness, the force of speed, the weather, the sound of the engine, taste and smell of the air, maybe not the roadkill... but you get what I mean. 

Now more than ever, moto travel is where it's at for me. 

Covid forced most of us to stay indoors, what kept you sane when you couldn't get your throttle therapy on? 
I'm not ashamed to say I'd sit on my bike and make vroom-vroom noises occasionally while my kids looked at me with genuine concern for my wellbeing, but mostly I spent my time living vicariously through other moto queens on the socials who inspire me from around the world, making plans for epic trips to take and sketching up an exciting new moto-related project here on the Central Coast that I'm working on... 'shhhhh!".
Do you ride with any local girl gangs? 
Yeah, I'm stoked to be a part of The Litas in Newcastle with a gang of amazing Sheilas including the formidable and ever inspirational, Matilda Wand (also in the Moto Femmes Her Story archives). 
Finding a girl gang has been the best thing I could do for myself as a female rider. My bunch of badass babes really inspire me, even though we don't always ride together as often as we'd like, it's about the sisterhood and being a part of a group has helped me become more involved in the community and charity events. I think it's something all women riders should seek out. Support your local girl gang! 
How have motorcycles changed your life? 
How much time you got? Honestly, my bike and being a rider is such a massive part of my identity now that it's inconceivable that I would ever not ride. What my mum thought was a mid-life crisis ignited something in me that is now impossible to put out and even led me to meet the love of my life... the man, not the bike. ;)
If you could have any one product from Moto Est. which one would it be? 
Oh, wow. Where do I start? 99% of my moto wardrobe is from Moto Femmes already.  I can't live without my Black Arrow Wild and Free jacket and Cashmere Neck Warmers or my Hedon helmet.  Trip Machine Co military duffle and backpack panniers are definitely on my wish list to Santa! 
What are your moto goals for 2021? 
I've got lots of moto camping trips on the horizon, including a couple of weeks in Tasmania planned for Autumn and there's definitely those bike upgrades on the table. At home, my partner and I have that exciting project that we think Central Coast & Newcastle riders will love too.

Check out the progress on insta @alison.oosthuizen and stay tuned for deets!
Alison's Story


Location. NSW, Australia
Age. 31
Bike. Harley-Davidson Lowrider S
inc. stage 2 performance kit 114cube 1868ccs
Riding experience. 10yrs

Matilda Wand and her Harley Davidson Superlow

How has 2020 affected your riding experience? 
I was still able to go on some long rides. I heading down to Cobargo in February for a bushfire relief charity ride.

Have you made any changes to your bike since your story was posted? 
Memphis Shade hooked me up with an awesome Road Warrior Fairing which has made such a big difference! I used to think windshield fairings were the fannypacks of the moto scene but I now LOVE them and think they look badass.

Covid forced most of us to stay indoors, what kept you sane when you couldn't get your throttle therapy on? 
I spent a lot of time on my Behavioural Strategy & Life Coaching business, planning my up and coming Walking Expeditions (all in Australia of course #australiantourism).

Have you learnt any tips or tricks about motorcycles that you can share with our readers? 
Always carry a spare lip balm in your jacket pocket!

Do you ride with any local girl gangs? 
The Litas Newcastle.

matildaPhoto credit @themasterofmuscle

How have motorcycles changed your life? 
Given me the freedom to travel in a fun and adventurous way exploring all over the countryside.

What advice do you have for new riders? 
Learn to stop and speed up confidently. Understand what the capabilities are of you and your bike.

What was your first bike, would you recommend it for a learner? 
Yamaha Virgao 250cc. Lightweight, low centre of gravity, easy to learn on.

Matilda's Story


Location. California, USA
Age. 31
Bike. 2020 Honda CBR650R
Riding experience. 4yrs


Have you made any changes to your bike since your story was posted?
I bought a new one haha and designed a custom graphic for my bike so it’s uniquely me.

What was your first bike, would you recommend it for a learner?
I adored my old bike; 2006 Honda Hornet 599. That bike was incredible. The engine on that bike was a race engine. One of the last installed in this model and you can feel it! 98HP and still incredibly approachable. I would recommend this as a first bike 100% for any rider. It will make you fall in love with what it means to be a motorcyclist.

lizWhat are your moto goals for 2021?
In 2021, the women’s motorcycle gear industry is going to not know what hit them. I’m working hard on something that will create positive change and I can’t wait! I hope Moto Est. will be a part of the movement :)

Liz's Story



Location. Washington State, USA
Age. 54
Bike. 2013 Harley Super Glide Custom aka "Belle"
and a 2005 Honda Rebel aka "The Rebel”
Riding experience. 8yrs 

Lynda Myeres

How has 2020 affected your riding experience? 
At the end of 2019 I married my partner and we moved to two and a half acres in a rural area of southwest Washington. My daughter, son-in-law and two-year-old grandson were visiting with us when the western states shut down in March of 2020, so that visit turned into four months of them staying here, rather than returning to a heavily populated part of California. Supply chain difficulties and food insecurity were really scary propositions in the early spring, so together we built several raised garden beds and started growing our own food. If we could have figured out a way to grow toilet paper, we would have made a killing selling it to all the hoarders!

I didn’t ride a lot this year, but it was mostly due to a shoulder injury and not because of the pandemic. In fact, with my full-face helmet a little social distancing from time to time has done as much to keep me sane as anything else I suppose. I’m not sure I have a dream bike. I love my Harley, and I plan to keep her for a long time, but if I could, I would add an adventure bike to my collection so that I could explore more diverse terrain here in the Pacific Northwest. I especially liked the BMW 850 that I rode in Italy on our honeymoon! Hoping 2021 will find me healthy enough to ride again! Next up will be Costa Rica to research the next book in my Steel Journeys series!


Covid forced most of us to stay indoors, what kept you sane when you couldn't get your throttle therapy on? 
I am a frequent traveler but also a lifelong learner, so I took advantage of the inability to travel by immersing myself in Master Gardener training. It’s a program in the US that works with agriculturally focused universities to provide training to volunteers who wish to serve their community both as a resource for knowledge but also with hands-on training in gardening, composting, sustainable living and environmental responsibility. 

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how devastating isolation can be and how dependent we have become on big box stores and conveniences. We need each other now more than ever, and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned to help teach people how to grow their own food, and to teach kids where their food really comes from in an effort to build more sustainable communities.

We were lucky in that we were able to go outside every day and yet still be isolated from our neighbours. Geography may have been in my favour, but my career didn’t allow for a “work from home” option. I am a Registered Nurse working in a large inner-city hospital system and have been a front-line worker throughout the pandemic.


If you could have any one product from Moto Est. which one would it be?
The Queen Bee Saffron Women’s Gloves, hands-down! (Pun absolutely intended!) I’m totally in love with that creamy, supple leather with the fitted gauntlet! They are HOTT!
Lynda's Story


Location. Los Angeles, California.
Age. 29
Bike. 2014 Harley Davidson Iron 883
Riding experience. 4yrs


How has 2020 affected your riding experience?
*Sigh* 2020 what a year… 
This year had an impact on my riding experience, but not in a negative way. Given the fact that my local girl gang (The Litas Los Angeles) paused most of their events to keep everyone safe, I was able to take my time to learn new tricks.

I learned to carry extra weight on my bike when I went camping, I learned how to properly load and secure everything around my sissy bar and saddlebags. I also learned how to use my bike’s weight to my advantage. I am 5’2” and I weigh 115 pounds, my bike weighs almost 600 pounds.

Have you learnt any moto tips/tricks that you can share?
Have you ever tried to pull your motorcycle back (while you are on it) to try to park it? It can be a nightmare. 

My friend taught me a trick and I want to share with you all because it will make your life a lot easier. If you find yourself in this situation often, first of all breathe, then press your front brake and PUSH your bike forward… quickly let go of the front brake and PULL back. Use this motion to use the bike’s weight in your favour. Tadaaaaa! Also, be patient, everyone drops their first bike multiple times. Don’t give up! 


What advice do you have for new riders?
Wear all your gear and protect yourself when you are riding! Full gear vs fool’s gear. Don’t be a fool! Staying safe is important, especially during these difficult times.

If you could have any one product from Moto Est. which one would it be
Definitely be the Wild and Free Women’s Black Leather Jacket. I can see myself wearing it when I upgrade to my dream bike, a Harley Davidson Dyna Street Bob.

Ana's Story



Location. Texas, USA
Age. 35
Bike. 1995 BMW R100RT
Riding experience. 2yrs


How have motorcycles changed your life?
My dad rode his whole life, but I never rode solo. When I lost my dad 6 years ago I knew I wanted to learn how to ride. Riding has brought me close to my dad again and that is life changing! I think about him daily, but even more so when I’m riding The Hill Country.

What are your moto goals for 2021?
I would like to travel more on my bike. I was born in Mexico so riding around that country with my husband is going to be a dream come true. 
ana v
What was your first bike, would you recommend it for a learner?
My husband gifted me a 1971, Honda CB350 as my first bike. It was small, but freaking sexy! Definitely a great first bike for someone who wants to learn how to ride. It was light enough to where I didn’t feel like I was going to drop it, and zippy enough to get me around town. 

Ana's Story


Location. Victoria, Australia
Age. 43
Bike. Yamaha MT07 and MV Agusta Dragster 800RR
Riding experience. 3yrs


How has 2020 affected your riding experience?
Got my hot little hands on my dream bike in June 2020 (the MV). Couldn't ride her due to the restrictions. The neighbours became proper annoyed with the constant revving under my carport during lockdown.
Booked a trip to bond with her in November when things opened up but turns out she had an air leak and was back in the shop for repairs. Took my trusty MT instead and we darted all over country Victoria.

What kept you sane when you couldn't get your throttle therapy on?
Meditation and lots of motorbike youtube clips<

Do you ride with any local girl gangs?
Yes! Just recently had a girls moto trip up to Bright with the lovely Angelique 
How have motorcycles changed your life?
They liberate me. I feel fearless when I'm riding a motorbike. Brave enough to venture into the depths of a forest or climb the highest mountain completely on my own. It is my therapy. It connects me to nature and myself. 
What are your moto goals for 2021?
To continue to explore Australia! 
Annual trips to Tasmania and Canberra have become a thing for me. But I'm super keen to venture elsewhere too! Maybe straight up to QLD!
Cassie's Story

Location. Denver, Colorado (USA)
Age. 7
Bike. Ohvale 110 & Ohvale 190
Riding experience. 1yr


I have been riding for a little over a year now. I am currently riding an Ohvale 110, but I also have an Ohvale 190 for when I get older. Right now my dad rides it to help coach and keep up with me at the track. It was this time last year when I first got my 110 and couldn’t have been more thrilled!

How has 2020 affected your riding experience?
I would have never guessed that COVID would have impacted my journey with riding. Due to COVID and my parents’ jobs policies, I wasn’t able to race this year. It has caused me to do a lot of parking lot practices to learn, but now I am finally getting some track experience (since it’s the offseason in snowy Colorado).  I have even beat some of my goals and set my fastest lap times.


What are your moto goals for 2021?
We are hoping that this coming year I can have my first race, and ride in MotoAmerica. 

What kept you sane when you couldn't get your throttle therapy on?
When I wasn’t able to get out to ride my motorcycle I would instead focus on riding my bicycle in my neighborhood, drawing, reading, and just spending more time with my mom and dad.

How have motorcycles changed your life?
Motorcycles have changed my life because they have built up my self-confidence and taught me that I can get better at anything as long as I work at it and don’t give up on myself. 

Harmony's Story


Location. Detroit-ish, Michigan (USA)
Age. 27
Bikes. Harley-Davidson XL1200Iron, her name is Blue 
& Daphne, a Harley-Davidson FXLRS Low Rider S

Riding experience. 3 1/2 years, with breaks for winter


How has 2020 affected your riding experience? 
I rode more than ever because of the pandemic experience, all the time in the world to ride the wildly open roads. I took full advantage of the opportunity.
Have you learnt any moto tips/tricks that you can share?
This year was the first time I had two bikes up and running. And going back and forth between bikes I really learned a lot about listening to the bike, and knowing each machine individually. Function, tendencies, all around feel. 
Do you ride with any local girl gangs?
I wish! I’m going to branch out for sure next season and ride with more of the girls I’ve connected with this winter for sure.
How have motorcycles changed your life?
I honestly can’t put it into words — if I had to pick one sense in which it changed me the most, it would have to be in my journey with anxiety and depression. Nothing is more freeing and therapeutic than riding my motorcycles, exchanging motorcycle stories with other riders, and the journeys you go on because of the motorcycle experience. 

What advice do you have for new riders?
Gear up, educate yourself, surround yourself with people you trust. And for the tiny riders out there, make sure you are comfortable on your machine, and know you will have teeters, mishaps, falls. Never let it get you down. 

If you could have any one product from Moto Est. which one would it be?
The Silver Lining Hedonist Helmet 🤩 Being so small, riding gear rarely fits me in any way, I’ve been on a long journey to find a riding jacket, protective jeans, gloves. But a good ole helmets never let me down. 

What is your dream bike?
I’m currently in the process of building a chopper, I think something I see from fame to finish is going to be a dream come true for sure.
What was your first bike, would you recommend it for a learner?
Sportsters and Streets are great learning bikes if you’re going into the Harley-Davidson realm. I came from dirt bikes and the Forty-Eight Special and XL1200Iron were magic for me because they ride and feel like a dirt bike.

What are your moto goals for 2021?
More miles, more adventure, and this chopper build. Stay tuned! 
Britni's Story



We would like to say a huge thank you to all the lovely ladies who took part in our special Her Story 2020 blog and to those who didn't but were a part of our Her Story series throughout 2020. You are all truly amazing and we are so very proud to share these stories with our readers. If you are a reader but want to share your story in 2021 then please do get in touch!

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