Motorcycles are a lifestyle. That lifestyle comes issued with a community of talented and genuine people. Many of those people have built a business from their passion, just as we have. By sharing these interviews we hope to introduce you to their businesses so we can all connect and help support our locals.
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Meet Sean, the humble legend who runs Bar-None Moto (BNM), designing and manufacturing small-scale artisan-made motorcycle parts & products. We have been following Sean's bespoke motorcycle fabrication on Instagram for quite some time now and have been infatuated with the clean custom work he crafts. We just had to meet him! So earlier this year, Riz took a trip over to Ballarat to meet the man behind the business & work with him on a new purpose built sissybar for her beloved bike, Richard.
Being a small, local business, Bar-None Moto offer a personalised customer experience by customising our motorcycles to make them bespoke & unique to our individual personalities. By supporting local, you get to cherish that experience & your custom made pieces for many years.

Can you please tell our readers a bit about yourself.

I'm a cheeky little rascal that has an eye for detail & loves everything about motorcycles.

Sean from Bar None Moto Ballarat


When did you establish BNM and how did this dream job become a reality?

When I was a Sheetmetal Apprentice, a few friends asked me to make a sissybar and a set of bars for them and the rest is history.


What were you doing before BNM?

Before my trade I actually worked in Luxury High Fashion.


What's your daily ride?

1974 HD Rigid Shovelhead.


What was your first bike?

Yamaha PW50.

1974 HD Rigid Shovelhead
Custom built shovelhead chopper


What would you be doing with yourself if motorcycles didn’t exist?

Welding & skateboarding.


Apart from Riz's sissybar, what creation or project are you most proud of?

When clients are stoked, that makes it for me! That, or my current Shovelhead build.

Raked out Shovelhead build

Are your products exclusively for Choppers & Harleys?

Everything's made to order which allows items to be customised to other brands.

Bar None Moto Victoria


Where did your craft/metalworking skills come from?

Persistence, lots of practice in the trade in different environments & late nights in my workshop.

Bar None Moto welding

How long have you been working on bikes and what got you into it?

I've actually been working on bikes for eight years now! I got into it in the first place, because stock bikes suck (ha ha) & also because of the custom culture of creating your own bike.

What bikes do you own and what work have you done on them?

I own two Hardtailed Shovelheads - one short & one long. I handle all the fabrication work and I outsource the other work to qualified people that I trust. I like learning. There are a lot of aspects & skills to obtain.

metal motorcycle fabrication


Custom fabrication on Harley Shovelhead


What factors influenced the design direction you chose?

Balance and understated style. I guess my understated style comes from working with luxury lifestyle brands before motorcycles.

Sean from Bar None Moto Australia

What kind of projects get you excited?

Ones where I get to work closely with the client.


What’s your fondest memory on a motorcycle?

Any of the ones on moto camping trips with friends - I live for those moments away.


Got any exciting plans for the future you’d like to share?

I've recently branched out into another area specialising in high quality, practical and aesthetic furniture pieces. @maker_creative_metal

Also, learning to pop wheelies on the long bike!


Are all of your products bespoke/made to order? What is the process for someone wanting a product from you?

The process can be as simple as purchasing a stock item off our website but yes, 90% of everything is bespoke & made to order especially for that person & their individual needs & style and for the discerning customer, a private a face to face consultation.

Sean measuring up to make a sissybar for my Wide Glide
Custom made sissybar for FXDWG

 "Pictured above is Sean measuring up the dimensions for my sissybar outside his workshop. My seat is aftermarket so there needed to be adjustments made to the other Dyna sissybars he had previously fabricated.

The turnaround time was quick and the communication was on point and to top off the customer service, I was lucky enough to have Sean personally hand deliver it to my door!

I'm beyond stoked with the quality and new look of my bike. Knowing that no one else in the world will have the same product as me, makes it that much more special. I can't wait to throw my daughter on the back and hit the throttle without being paranoid that she'll fly off the back!"


If you're after a small-scale artisan-made motorcycle product be sure to reach out and show your support this local legend, Bar-None Moto.

bar none moto logo

Instagram: @bar_none_moto


Photos taken by @jakesimkinphotos

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