More Girls on Bikes

More Girls on Bikes

I started riding 2 years ago now. I have met loads of girls on my moto travels who are the same, only been riding for a few years. Why is it now that so many more girls are taking up the moto lifestyle and getting on bikes?

Is it the freedom of just starting her up, hopping on and feeling the wind against you as you ride into the sunset or down the coast or around the gorgeous city at night? Or is it the community of women that you meet through various riding groups that give you a sense of belonging and adventure? What ever it is I think one thing is for sure. The more girls on bikes the better.

Not only does riding give you a sense of freedom and togetherness within the community but to me it is a lifestyle, its is a hobby and it is a pastime that is not only nostalgic but gives you a sense of empowerment and inner peace.

I think the new wave of female riders will only make the community even bigger and better than ever but I am all for female empowerment and I really believe you get that from riding.

If you are new to riding or thinking of riding be sure to reach out to one of your local groups who would be more than happy to tell you how awesome the moto life is but also give you some great pointers we all need when first hopping on.

Go forth and ride ladies.


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