Moto Femmes | A labour of love has been launched

Moto Femmes | A labour of love has been launched

If you are here reading this right here and right now, you are officially a Moto Femme!!

Moto Femmes, meaning motorcycle women in French, has been a labour of love of mine for 18 months now and I am so proud to be bringing it to you.

This is a one stop shop for urban female riders where you can a beautiful and well-made range of products so you feel feminine and gorgeous as you ride around on your pride and joy.

What made me start the shop? When I started riding I found it so hard to find gear for a few reasons.

Online shops had almost no product descriptions or useless sizing charts so I had no idea what I was buying and just try and find the girls stuff in amongst it all.  Online stores stocking so much stuff I don't know where to start, offering so many products I would never need or want and such bad quality that the prices were just made to look constantly slashed when actually it is cheap and nasty likely made in a sad little sweatshop offshore somewhere.  Walking into stores that are heavily dominated by men and men’s clothing, left me feeling intimidated and left to my own devices by shop staff or pointing me in the direction of the women’s gear in the corner with the jackets with big pink strips on them so they can call them "women’s".

This is where Moto Femmes began.  I wanted to make it easier for seasoned riders to beginners to feel comfortable in choosing quality clothing in the comfort of your own home rather than dealing with the above which I am sure you have come across before! How do I know? I have spoken to hundreds of women whilst figuring out what women want out of the store and this is what most of them experienced as well.

I hope you love the store. Please check us out on social media to keep up to date and please have a squizz at the "Get To Know Us" page for more information on this labour of love.

x Kate

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