Size Guide

GoGo Gear
Tall High Waisted Motorcycle Leggings

GoGo Gear Kevlar Motorcycle Leggings size guide
The Tall version leggings are for women over 5'8" tall as they aren't just longer in the leg but the proportions are altered to fit taller women.

GoGo sizing is not standard fashion sizing so please measure against the chart as people are typically one to two sizes up from their standard fashion size.

Lower Waist: measure the entire circumference of your waist at the navel
Lower Hip: measure the entire circumference of your lower hips and rear end starting two inches above your pelvic bone

If you are between sizes, we always recommend choosing the larger size.

8 76.2 cm 91.4 cm 32"
10 88.9 cm 101.6 cm 32"
12 96.5 cm 106.7 cm 32"
14 101.6 cm 111.8 cm 33"
16 106.7 cm 116.8 cm 33"
18 111.7 cm 121.9 cm 34"
20 116.8 cm 127 cm 34"
22 121.9 cm 134.6 cm 34"