Look After Me

Tobacco Riding Shirt
Care Instructions

Tobacco products are made to get better with wear!

Breaking In: The heritage canvas is hefty, raw & unwashed. You may find the fabric stiff & even restricting at first, don't panic! As you wear your shirt the fabric will soften & fade over time. This is the beauty of raw fabrics, every fade, fold & line, will be made by you & tell the story of how you ride.

Washing: When it comes to washing canvas, the consensus is, less is more. Wear your shirt often & wash only when needed; it's not unusual to go 4-6 months between washes.

Shrinkage & Bleed: The canvas is 100% cotton. This means it will shrink 3-5% after the first wash. The warmer the water the greater the shrinkage, wash with cold water to minimize shrinkage. Cotton also has some natural stretch. After washing, your shirt will feel tighter but will loosen up again after a couple of wears. This has been accounted for in the design.