Look After Me

Tobacco Raw Selvedge Jeans
Care Instructions

Tobaccos are made to get better with wear!

Breaking In: The denim is hefty, raw & unwashed. You may find them stiff or even restricting at first, especially if you are used to lightweight, stretch denim. Don’t panic. As you wear your jeans, they’ll stretch in the areas you need more room and will become more form fitting where you need less. The fabric will soften & fade over time. This is the beauty of raw fabric. Every fade, fold & line, will be entirely self-inflicted. Your Tobaccos will be unlike any other pair.

Washing: When it comes to washing raw denim, the consensus is, less is more. Wear your jeans often; wash when needed. It’s not unusual for raw jeans to go 4-6 months between washes. Depending on how often you ride or wear your Tobaccos, they may need even less. When you wash denim, the water washes out some of the dye. The loose dye then transfers to lighter areas that have faded. The more you wash, the more dye you loose & transfer, resulting in a flat, monochromatic look, rather than the contrasting dark & lighter shades you get with natural wear & limited washes. Though raw jeans are machine washable, many denim-heads prefer to hand wash gently, inside out, in a tub of cool water, with “dark” detergent made to wash colours & prevent dye loss. Then hang to air dry.

Shrinkage & Bleed: In the world of raw denim, shrinkage is one of many factors that make these jeans fit like none you have ever owned. Tobacco denims are Sanfordized & 100% cotton, they will shrink 3-5% after the first wash, most of that in length. After washing, jeans will feel tighter at first, but cotton has some natural stretch & will loosen up after a couple wears. This has been accounted for in their design. Before the initial wash, dye may “bleed” or transfer onto other materials and fabrics, particularly when wet. Take care to not accidentally stain something you touch or sit on. Shrinkage can be avoided by dry cleaning.