Look After Me

Hedon Workshop
Helmet Care Instructions

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your Racer:

 The opening is quite closed off to minimise wind entry so to put them on with ease, hold the straps & roll onto your head from the forehead rather than pulling straight down.
Visors come with an anti-fog inner layer so be aware & don’t remove that when you are removing the plastic protector from the front of the visor.
If you are swapping visors, please always ensure the CNC screws are screwed back on nice and tight, but not so tight you can’t get them off again. Put it up & down a few times after change over to check it’s securely fastened.
The leather trim can leave a mark on the visor if left down so retain the foam insert to place between the leather & visor when stored or always leave the visor up so it doesn’t rub.