Look After Me

Clutch Moto Denim
Care Instructions


Firstly, you will notice how rigid and unforgiving this denim feels. But don’t worry, this will soften & it won’t be long before your pants look & feel like an extension of you. In order to achieve the distinctive look & feel only achieved by raw denim, it’s important that certain rules are applied to properly care for your denim. Note that this is a guide only & each individual’s ride & wearing behaviour should be considered.

Wear Often: This will not only soften the denim, but wearing the jeans will create the distress marks caused by your individual use & fit. This is what makes raw denim special. As you naturally abrade the indigo, the jeans begin to form a one of a kind look exclusive to you.

Seldom Wash: Don’t wash at all for the first six months. True raw denim connoisseurs will tell you washing any sooner is a sin. Give your jeans time to soften up & create their unique look. Wash every three or four months thereafter, following these steps:

1. Fill a bath with cold or lukewarm water.
2. Add a weak-strength soap, a denim wash is preferred but soap will be fine.
3. Wash - lay the pants out in the bathtub & agitate underwater for a few minutes.
4. Soak - ensuring all parts of the jeans are submerged & let sit for 30-45 minutes.
5. Agitate one more time & then drain the bath.
6. Rinse - refill the bath with fresh water & let sit for a further 5-10 minutes.
7. Dry - hang wet pants up to air dry, never directly by a heat source.

NOTE: See care instruction labels on your Clutch Moto garments for specific details on how to care for individual products.