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Hedon Hedonist

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3 products

About Hedon Hedonist

Moto Establishment (Moto Est.) presents to you our collection of Hedon Hedonist Open Face Motorcycle Helmets. When choosing the right motorcycle helmet, a lot of people will consider an open face for more open vision and hearing when on the road but what makes the Heroine Hedonist special is their luxurious edge and once you put one on, you will never want to take it off.

The Hedonist by Hedon is made of a composite fibre shell of fibreglass & carbon fibre and the finishings are outstanding. They are painted in a mix of matte and gloss finishes and some have custom colours and designs making them extremely unique. They all come with cushion padding, three channel ventilation system, ultra light & low profile shell, Merlin anti-bacterial fabric and leather trim & lining. On top of all this, depending on the colour you choose, they all come with top quality hardware in a mix of brass, steel, gunmetal and copper. In addition to all of this they are extremely low weight but pack a punch in terms of style and comfort.

We are so proud to stock this product in our store and we can't recommend this helmet for all your future rides!