Moto Femmes Ethics


At Moto Femmes we have strong ethics and do our best to reduce our carbon footprint on this beautiful earth we enjoy every time we go for a ride.

We take a sustainable approach to doing business, with every consideration made in the business to contribute toward a sustainable society.

Our main focus is on quality products that are sourced from ethical companies, not cheaply made unethical gear that is sold at rock bottom prices but really at what cost. When you shop at Moto Femmes you know you are getting the best gear at the best prices with a clear conscience and we thank our brands for creating ethical products for us to offer our Moto Femmes.

  • We have a focus on handmade and local products from family run businesses
  • We only work with businesses who share the same ethical values as we do
  • We offer a range of textile and vegan products
  • We sell products with longevity to avoid waste
  • We offer Carbon Checkout to enable carbon offsetting
  • We reduce, reuse and recycle including reusing packing plastics as much as we can
  • We only use recycled paper
  • We encourage people to measure well before ordering to avoid over-ordering with the intention of returning items and in turn reducing transport emissions on returns
  • Our preferred delivery service is Sendle, the first postal company in the country to offer fully carbon neutral delivery services
  • We don’t over order stock so if we don’t have your size/style let us know and we can get it for you
  • We encourage all customers when upgrading gear to give away or sell their old gear to someone else rather than throwing away

CARBON CHECKOUT – Make Change at Checkout

We offer Carbon Checkout to give you the opportunity to offset your purchases and the opportunity to give change to the environment with an act as simple as checking a box.

Carbon Checkout pools your micro-contributions (typically less than $1.00) into a crowdfund and makes significant investments in third-party certified zero emission renewable energy and carbon capture projects on your behalf.

The change adds up to make a real and measurable difference to reduce the effects of climate change through collective action.  


  1. Give in one-click. When shopping in our store, you have the option to give to the environment after adding a product to cart. Default contributions are less than $1 - a round-up value - with larger contributions accessible via drop down menu. Contributions are added to cart total and automatically collected at checkout. There is no page reload, no added user registration or checkout requirements, just one-click to check the contribution box.
  2. Track in one-click. Your contributions can be tracked to ensure consumer trust and confidence. You receive an immediate personal confirmation e-mail following checkout, with unique hyperlinked verification code where you can access your personal Giving Portfolio to track all contributions and learn about the renewable energy projects you helped to make possible. Contributions are collected in USD; as your purchase will be in a foreign currency, your portfolio will reflect the contribution as converted to USD.
  3. Carbon Checkout pools all contributions into a crowdfund to make significant investments in renewable energy projects that reduce global carbon emissions. You become part of a powerful movement to reduce the effects of climate change through collective action, it’s as simple as one-click.


Carbon Checkout invests your contributions in renewable energy projects through a carbon finance commodity known as a carbon offset. To learn more about carbon offsets and their investment strategy, please view their Carbon Offsets 101 guide. All Carbon Checkout projects are validated by the Verified Carbon Standard or Climate Action Reserve and are independently audited and tracked by verification code. In the spirit of full transparency, they continue to add detailed information and supporting documentation about all certified projects supported by your Carbon Checkout contributions.

This marks the beginning of our transition to a low carbon economy, and we can all play an important part in this transition by giving change at checkout!