Look After Me

Merlin Bike Gear
Textile Care Instructions

Along with the use of the care label contained within each textile garment, our advice would be to ensure that before you use any specialist cleaning product, that you have tried it in a discreet part of the garment and tested how it reacted. We would not advise using any cleaning products that contain bleach or harsh chemicals. The advice here is for none waxed cotton motorcycle garments only.
  • Remove all protective armour from the shoulder, elbows and back by opening the velcro pocket holding the armour in place and sliding it out. Unzip any removable inner liners.
  • Agitate any especially dirty areas with a brush/cloth (lint-free).
  • Ideally, hand wash your jacket with a mild or diluted detergent (without any bleach) in slightly warm water. This gentle wash prevents damage to any mesh or waterproof membranes.
  • As an additional and optional treatment use a water repellent wash/spray such as Nikwax to add further water repellency to the outer garment.
  • Hang dry the garment out of direct sunlight but in a warm location and never use a machine dryer to dry the garments.
  • Once dry replace all armour and liners.
  • Liners too can be spot cleaned using a gentle process of sponging/cloth wiping (lint-free) with a neutral soap the inside fixed mesh lining. Do not heavily saturate the area and allow the garment to dry by hanging in a well in a ventilated area, away from a direct heat source (e.g. sun/radiators) and if possible, on a suitable hanger or airer.