Look After Me

Merlin Bike Gear
Riding Jeans Care Instructions

Along with the use of the care label contained within each pair of jeans, our advice would be to ensure that before you use any specialist cleaning product, that you have tried it in a discreet part of the garment and tested how it reacted. We would not advise using any cleaning products that contain bleach or harsh chemicals.
  • Before washing, remove all the impact protector from the hip and/or knee. Turn the jeans inside out and close up any zippers and/or buttons ready for washing.
  • Using a neutral/mild or diluted detergent (without any bleach) machine wash the jeans in a gentle cycle, separate to other items.
  • Do not use any fabric softener in the washing process.
  • Hang dry the garment out of direct sunlight but in a warm, well-ventilated location and never use a machine dryer to dry the garment.
  • Once dry, fit the armour back into the denim jeans

This process should not be applied to a jean with a waterproof membrane for example Mason, where a hand wash should be carried out.

Jeans carrying a DWR or Huntsman water repellent treatment can be washed using the advice above, but after 20 washes a water repellent treatment (For example, Nikwax) should be reapplied to maintain the efficiency of the repellency.