Look After Me

Merlin Bike Gear
Leather Care Instructions

Along with the use of the care label contained within each leather product, our advice would be to ensure that before you use any specialist cleaning product, that you have tried it in a discreet part of the garment and tested how it reacted. We do not advise using any cleaning products that contain bleach or harsh chemicals.
  • Most importantly do not let dirt build up on your gear.
  • Using a sponge or lint-free clean cloth and cold water with a little neutral soap as detergent and wipe the garment down, without saturating the leather hide.
  • Specialist pH neutral leather cleaners can be applied but should be tested in an inconspicuous area first.
  • Let the garment dry in a well-ventilated area, away from a direct heat source (e.g. sun/radiators) and if possible, on a suitable hanger or airer.
  • Liners too can be spot cleaned using the same process (sponge/cloth with a neutral soap)

If you own one of the Hixon, Alton, Stockton or Mia garments these should be cared for differently to the advice above. The leather in those styles is classed as ‘naked’ and therefore we advise that you do not have to use a specialist cleaner at all and because of the naked finish which will absorb moisture very easily, looking to buy an aniline leather cleaner and then an aniline leather guard/protector would be the best option. You can also buy aniline moisturiser independently to put moisture back into the leather at longer intervals. These products should be tested in an inconspicuous area first before applying to the entire garment. Mink oil is a further alternative suggestion, but this can darken the garment due to the natural absorption of a naked leather.