Look After Me

Merlin Bike Gear
Footwear Care Instructions

Our advice for caring for your footwear would be to ensure that before you use any cleaning product, that you have tried it in a discreet part of the boot and tested how it reacted. We would not advise using any cleaning products that contain bleach or harsh chemicals.
  • After each ride ensure that all dirt and grease is wiped off the boot and if the boots are wet that they are dry before wiping with a none abrasion cloth, paying attention to panel seams. For areas of the boots with plastic mouldings mild soap can be applied to remove grease spots.
  • Depending on how often you ride and what the conditions have been like, a leather cleaner will help to begin the restoration process, returning your boots to an ‘out of the box finish’. Several leather boot cleaners are available on the market and each come with their own set of instructions for application to different types of leathers. Please note that some of the leathers such as the Crazy Horse finish or the Aniline leather are developed with special treatments and therefore the normal cleaning process of polished leathers should not be used- mink oils or similar ‘exotic’ leather conditions are recommended.
  • Once you have followed the boot leather cleaning instructions and the boots are completely dry for additional protection apply a leather protector. Further please see point 2 and be aware of cleaning specialist (exotic) leathers.
  • Do not use strong cleaning products on leather, the use of mild cleaning products prevents the weakening of the materials, colour and finish.