Helmet Laws



Helmet laws in Australia have changed dramatically since 2016 and it can often leave riders a little confused about what they can and can’t wear on the road. Long story short, yes.. our helmets are legal in Australia.

As well as Australian Standards approved helmets, the Federal Government now allows European standard approved helmets to be worn on the road throughout the country in every state and territory. Finally, some consistency!

All Helmets sold at Moto Est. are UNECE-22.05 European Standards Approved and have the markings required so show this.

All Visors & Goggles sold at Moto Est. are of AS1698 (50-85% VLT) OR UNECE-22.05 (50-80% VLT) allowable tinting for use during daylight only and tinted goggle are legal on helmets which are designed for use with goggles.

*UNECE 22.05: United Nations Economic Commission for Europe - Uniform provisions concerning the approval of protective helmets and their visors for drivers and passengers of motorcycles and mopeds.