You can’t ignore the risk, but you can reduce the risk of serious injury.
This is how Clutch Moto jeans protect you:

Abrasion Resistance

Clutch Moto denim is lined with SuperFabric® in key impact zones to ensure it reaches the highest standards of abrasion resistance. SuperFabric® utilises a series of tiny guard plates infused into the material to create a highly abrasion resistant material that acts and feels like regular fabric. Clutch Moto denim combined with SuperFabric®, has been laboratory tested to achieve a result reflective of a AAA abrasion rating based on the new provisional standard EN17092.

Impact Protection

Clutch Moto has chosen Forcefield Isolator body armour because they have developed a world-leading soft armour technology that offers unrivalled protection. The heat activated properties create a custom fit to ensure they remain secure in place. In addition, they have been tested and passed against the latest CE standards (including ambient and wet tests).

Burst Prevention

A common failure and cause of serious injury can occur when the seams burst. That’s why all Clutch Moto denim is triple-stitched including a concealed line of stitching. This provides maximum strength to prevent seams bursting on impact.