Size Guide

Black Arrow Moto Gear 
Lucille Motorcycle Jeans

black arrow motorcycle jeans size guide - moto femme
These are flat garment measurements so to find your size, simply focus on your hip measurement & measure the whole way around yourself, then halve that & compare to the size guide below.
Fits true to size. These jeans are a skinny fit with a high waist and a lace-up fly which means you can open or close as much as necessary to fit to your hip area.

26 36 cm 45 cm 27.5 cm 79 cm
28 38.5 cm 47.5 cm 28.3 cm 79.6 cm
30 41 cm 50 cm 29.1 cm 80.2 cm
32 43.5 cm 52.5 cm 29.9 cm 80.8 cm

Note: Sizing may vary slightly due to manufacturing tolerances.