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Kate Zrim | Founder

Hello ladies! I am the proud Founder of Moto Femmes, an online store unique in that we only sell women's motorcycle gear and accessories with an urban riding feel. I have had a passion for motorcycles ever since I was born thanks to my Dad and have hopped off the back and been a rider for a couple of years now and am loving every minute.

With a bike at the ready I needed to find new gear and I discovered a lack of easily accessible and easy to find women's gear. I felt intimidated going into male focused stores, I found a lot of stores had female gear I would never like to wear, I bought gear thinking it was quality soon after to find out it wasn't and the best thing I own is my leather motorcycle jacket handed on to me by my mum. 40 years on and it is still in great condition and retro as hell. That is the kind of quality I was trying to find in all aspects of riding gear for my kit.

From all my own struggles and with a passion to make this easier for women Moto Femmes was created.  We stocks products that are a quality investments which could perhaps be handed down to your daughter too and to top it all off you can pair your moto outfit with an array of amazing accessories to make it pop. This is my inspiration and I hope on the site you find yours. Please continue reading for more information about my passion, Moto Femmes.

x Kate


Moto Femmes | Modern Women | Urban Riders | Lovers of Life

If you are a woman that loves nothing more than to go for a spin on your motorcycle and are anything from an urban rider to an enthusiast. If you are a woman that loves to buzz around town and feel the wind in your hair on your way to the shopping mall or lunch with the girls. If you are a woman who is a proud pillion passenger on the back of your partners ride on weekend escapes. If you simply love life and cease every opportunity to get on your ride and just go but look hot whilst doing it. Then Moto Femmes has been created for you!  Moto Femmes is all about making women feel feminine in their gear.

After searching for the best products out there I have realised that it’s possible and I wanted to make it easier for women out there to find it too. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to hop on the bike on a beautiful sunny day, have a stunning ride through the suburban streets only to get off the bike and be uncomfortable in big bulky gear.  Urban riders, social butterflies and modern women of the riding world, your problems are over. You can dress safely and look great at the same time and now it’s all at your fingertips!

Here at Moto Femmes we have sourced great quality, fun and feminine moto gear and accessories from all around the world and as we get continued support you can help us grow so our range can get even bigger and our hunt for the best gear around can grow. We focus on products that are made specifically for women and only of high quality with love and care in the seams. You can now get your moto gear and accessories all in one place from your device, with great sizing guides so you can find that perfect fit and then delivered direct to your door so you receive it while you are still super excited about your new purchase!

We also believe in empowering women so as well as the shop we have our blog dedicated to keeping you updated with the latest moto style but also tips and tricks for those of us who could use some help when it comes to owning a bike or scooter or if you are just wanting to know more about these gorgeous machines!

Be a Moto Femme | Go forth, ride and look fabulous!