About Eudoxie

Eudoxie is a proudly feminine French brand made for girls who ride, by girls who ride! They have been creating exciting and innovative gear for over five years. In the world of motorcycles, Eudoxie has decided to put women at the centre of its development and its creations. They wanted to add a dose of fun, rock’n’roll and shake things up! Eudoxie don’t take themselves too seriously, but they do things seriously, especially when it comes to creating garments. Eudoxie take care of the quality of each and every piece, its material, its wash, its cut, each detail; everything is worked to meet their strict requirements and desires. They are ready-to-wear collections, but above all their gear highlights the lifestyle of a feminine and independent rider. More and more women are seduced by the sensations of freedom and adventure. Eudoxie is the brand that creates the link between fashion and motorcycling, between looks and safety.

"We wanted a collection that reflects our independence and our rock attitude. Pieces inspired by vintage Nascar races, punk leather jackets or motocross. In short, we want to build bridges, trace routes between different styles and integrate them under the same flag: The Racing Team Eudoxie."

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