HER STORY | Simone Bennett

HER STORY | Simone Bennett

Her Story. A series of blog posts telling the stories of 'women who ride' from all corners of the globe. We hope that by sharing these stories we can help encourage other women to build their confidence, learn from others and inspire others.

This month we have a story from Simone Bennett from Brisbane, Australia AKA Kitty Simone. Simone loves a road trip and has some great tips for people wanting to explore the roads out of Brisbane. With winter ending it is great to have some road trippin' inspiration!

We hope you enjoy her story.

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"Hey Fam, I’m Kitty Simone, from ‘mostly sunny’ Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. I ride a Harley Davidson, Softail Slim FLS S. So comfy and suitably obnoxious and noisy!

I’ve been riding for about 5 years now, before that I’d dated a few people who rode and my Dad used to take me on the bike as a kid. I loved that freedom and had thought about learning to ride so many times but never did anything about it. I was talking to my boss one day, he loved riding and really encouraged me to get my license and be my own woman. He even gave me the day off! What a legend, thanks Bram.

I’d never ridden a bike before but I did the two day course and I was so scared I nearly cried when we went on the road! I remember the instructor yelling at me to go faster, I was only doing 60 but it felt like 120. It was positively terrifying. Some how I passed and went out the next weekend, bought a Yamaha XVS 650 and rode around slowly and white knuckled with fear. Now I love going for big day rides in the sunshine, stopping for meat pies and cake along the way. Sitting somewhere beautiful, soaking in the view, taking a cheeky dip in a waterfall, feeling alive.

I did short little trips at first then braved up and made the ride to Byron Bay to visit some friends. It’s about 2.5 hours pretty much straight down the highway. Once you cross the NSW border there’s lots of pretty scenery along the way. Now when I ride down that way I take the extra time to go old the old motorway. It’s more of a scenic cruise with lots of little places to stop along the way for snacks and coffee with a great view (like Snappa Rocks in the pic) and less gunning it at 120kmph the whole way.

I met a guy who rode shortly after I got my bike and also met my new best friend Clare who also rode. They were both happy enough to cruise around while I built up some confidence and from there on in, we spent the weekends riding around the beautiful Brisbane and surrounding country side, down to Byron and Lennox Heads, along the Queensland coast and over any mountain within a few hours ride. I love that crisp Brisbane Autumn air when the sun is warm and the air is cool, the dusty blue sky where you can see for miles. There’s so much time to think when the world is whizzing by and something therapeutic about the wind against your skin.

When it’s cool in Brissy, heading up the coast is beautiful. It’s all beaches along the highway. Noosa is a great destination especially if you take the long way and go past the Glasshouse Mountains.
When it’s hot, I head toward the mountains where the air is cooler. Up the coast, my favourite destination is Melany. The view is outstanding along the way and there’s a shop that sells the best soaps and there are a few waterfalls nearby that are a short walk from the road if you’re game for a dip.

It’s also really nice to head out west when it’s warm. There’s lots to explore out past Fernvale, around the damns and up over the mountains out west. Heading out through Samford, Dayborough and up Mt Mee is a good chill ride up and back else Mt Glorious is usually where the more hardcore riders on sports bikes head. Its super twisty, I don’t mind cruising up there on the Harley but prefer to ride out through Woodford, over toward Esk (for the best pies) and then back home through Fernvale.

I ride most places as a daily commute, I’m perpetually late so being able to skip the traffic really has helped me be a better (read, less late) friend. Not as interesting but I enjoy going for a ride every day, even if it is just to work, gym and back. Also, how good is city parking on a bike!

My best advice for women looking to start riding is not to be scared and bite the bullet. It’s not hard to start and you’ll never look back. Also, can we please be riding buds cause Clare moved to Canberra and that guy wasn’t very excellent in the end. If anyone’s in my town hit me up for a tour! :D"


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Thank you to Simone for sharing her story and if you would like to share your story with us simply go to the GET IN TOUCH page of the website and fill in the form and we will gladly be in touch.

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