HER STORY | Brelinda

HER STORY | Brelinda

Her Story. A series of blog posts telling the stories of 'women who ride' from all corners of the globe. We hope that by sharing these stories we can help encourage other women to build their confidence, learn from others and inspire others.

This month we have a story by Brelinda, 35, from Phoenix, Arizona. She is a well known photographer in the moto industry which has lead her to her new passion in motorcycling.

We hope you enjoy her story!



Hi! What an honor to be asked to submit to Moto Est., especially since I’m such a beginner at riding. I’ve been part of the moto community for a while though and I feel that at this point regardless of my lack of riding time I’ve made a solid dent along the way photographing some badass people in the community and have made great friends making some amazing shit happen with them.

her story Brelinda

My name is Brelinda and I’m 35. I was living in the high desert of Joshua Tree, but recently relocated to Phoenix, Arizona to work full-time with WYLD Garage Co. I’m a photographer, do social media, a bit of web and graphic design, and help wherever I can.

Photographer Brelinda

I started riding when I moved outta the place I shared with my ex-husband about three years ago. My roommate had an extra dirt bike that I was able to practice around the hills of Yucca Valley. I started riding because it was something my mother always warned me against and I was going through a bit of an identity crisis, chasing freedom and being a bit reckless.

I also followed Genevieve Davis on Instagram when I was into roller derby and she’s been an inspiration with her photography work as well as being the independent woman that she is. When she started posting moto content I was in awe and wanted that, even though my mother instilled a sense of fear for motorcycles since apparently I would always turn towards the sound of them since I was a kid.

Photo by Brelinda

motorcycle photography by  Brelinda

I wish I could say I ride something amazing, but I’m working my way towards that. I’m surrounded by beautiful custom R100s at work on the daily and drool over Axel’s Chopper whenever she posts about it. So between café racers and choppers, I know what I want to start with and what my dream bike would be.

Moto Photo by Brelinda

Motorcycles have changed my life and have made my career. I started out with just wanting to help in any way I can and then got thrown into it. At The 2018 Desert Race in Oregon I was hired to help coordinate, then when Anthony got injured I jumped in as one of the main photographers. I got featured in Silodrom, started working with Fuel Motorcycles and it just snowballed from there.

This community is amazing and inspirational, a group full of hustlers and creatives who never judged me for not riding or having a bike of my own. I have since worked with Black Arrow for many years and now work at Wyld Garage Co as a Project Curator.

Motorcycles and their people are amazing and I love them!

The desert race -  Brelinda

My advice for people interested in riding or shooting motorcycles, just do it! Surround yourself with the people at moto events, be genuine, lend a hand where you can and eventually take a course!

Thank you to Brelinda for sharing her story!

Follow Brelinda's journey here: 

Instagram: @_brelinda
Portfolio: brelinda.com

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