Season Greetings from the Crew

Season Greetings from the Crew

Um, what a weird year!
We would love to give a massive thanks to all you beautiful humans reading this. Without the support of our customers, readers, followers and tribe we wouldn't exist. Our gift to you is our joyful Christmas spirit. 

With love,
Kate, Angie & Riz xo

Kate from Moto Est.
Riz from Moto Est Melbourne
Angelique from Moto Est. Melbourne 

2020 in a nutshell

Feb: The Shakedown.
What an amazing start to the year; 300+ womxn, every bike type you could imagine, 2 wheeled games, live music, camping and so many new friends for life.

March: The Great Migration.
We expanded our business to cater for all riders. From Moto Femmes we grew and established Moto Est.

March: Launch Party.
Hello COVID-19, goodbye social interaction. 

April: Hibernation.
Melbourne life meets new restrictions.

June: Fuck Covid, we're hiring.
Within the few weeks of Melbourne opening up again, we thought it would be great to bring in a new member to the fam. Have you met Angie?

July - Nov: For the love of lockdown.
Stage 4 restrictions hit and we are all grounded. Working from home was a great challenge for us all, it gave us moto-vation to support local businesses and work hard on building educational content.

December: Re-birth of the showroom.
After what feels like an eternity of isolation our world finally opens up again. Our Moto Femmes showroom is open and we are more grateful than ever to interact with our customers in real life.

Dec 25th - Jan 5th: Showroom Closed
No, it's not Covid this time. We will be shutting the doors over Christmas and New Year to wind down before going hard into the new year. Don't stress, we will remain open online!


We were too late to print a calendar,
so instead we have here a 'sexy' Christmas shoot 
& insight into brains behind the beauty. 

You're welcome!



What was your highlight of 2020?

Kate: Becoming an Aunty for the first time
Riz: My new additions to the family; Billie the dog and Richard the bike. Oh, and Sheilas Shakedown of course!
Angie: Joining the Moto Est Team, and meeting all the folks that come with it!

staff christmas photo

What made lockdown work amazing for you?

Kate: Our 'day in the life' Instagram reels we made (Check out here)
Riz: Having the time to create some killer content for our blogs. Special thanks to my daughter who was forced into helping me and to the government for not allowing the neighbours to evict me during Covid.
Angie: Learning a lot about about motorcycle care and when the girls sent gifts and sang Happy Birthday through a Zoom call.

Christmas adventures at Moto Femmes


Most played song or album of the year:

Kate: Anything by Arctic Monkeys
Riz: My ZZ Top & Creedence albums got workout this year
Angie: Hound Dog. Big Mamma Thornton

Your most liked product of the year:

Kate: I love the Tank & Tail bags by Trip Machine
Riz: Would have to be the Trip Machine duffle bags, that would go perfectly on my sissy bar that I am yet to make. 
Angie: My Hedon Stable Black Racer Helmet! So pretty!

Quote of the year:

Kate: "The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it"
Riz: "That's so 2020"
Angie: "If not now.. when?"


Lowlight of the year:

Kate: Shutting the doors of the showroom
Riz: Home schooling is not as fun as it sounds, but cancelling our launch party was the ultimate bummer. We'll just have to party twice as hard next year!
Angie: Not fitting my Wild & Free Jacket anymore.. haha

Fav moment at work:

Kate: Modelling for this Christmas shoot
Riz: Yep, this shoot for sure. It's amazing how natural all three of us are at modelling! Best moment was when a truck driver stopped in awe then asked if he could get a photo, so Jake turned the camera around and took his photo.
Angie: People coming into the store and showing off their new Moto-baby
three christmas angels

If 2020 was an animal, what animal would it be & why?

Kate: A chameleon. Because we've had to adapt to our surroundings, we've been in hiding for a long time, and our eyes have become bulging after all of the screen time.
Riz: A sloth on crack cocaine. Life finally slowed down... like slowed right the F down, then we get that high when a new DIY idea pops into your head or released from lockdown.
Angie: Frilled neck lizard. A lot of the time it just lies around but when under attack, it runs on its back legs and flares out its gills better than a Mardi Gras parade. Google a video of one running… you’ll thank me later. 

What did you make or what hobby did u pick up during lockdown:

Kate: Gardening, my plants became my new best friends.
Riz: I pulled apart a lil 110 mini chopper years ago and since it's been sitting in many, many pieces. During lockdown I finally put him back together and hope to have him running smoothly before Sheilas. I also made my first DIY video on how to make a back patch (the shitty way).
Angie: Macrame crafting, started a garden, piano, guitar, learning to draw, reading, PS4


What are you looking forward most to 2021?

Kate: Attending events and group rides
Riz: A pay rise and brand new work bike
Angie: BIKE UPGRADE!!!!! 

Meet the he team at Moto Est.

Special thanks to Santa, aka Jake Simkin, for these incredible photos.
It's actually hard to believe that we are all single...  it must be a Christmas miracle! 

Happy holidays xx

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  • Lyndall

    Love the photo shoot 😂. Great to see the faces behind the scenes. Didn’t even know there was a showroom, I’ll come and check it out when next in Melb.
    Yay, happy x from Darwin :)

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