FLOOD CRISIS: How you can help

FLOOD CRISIS: How you can help

The land we stand on and roads we ride are the source of where we acquire our adventure, these roads connect us to our community and lead us to new journeys. Yet the East Cost of Australia has, and is, experiencing a national disaster forcing tens of thousands of people to evacuate their homes and communities whilst their roads, possessions and homes go under in the relentless rainfall.
Australian flood road damage
It’s difficult to put into perspective just how big the East Coast flooding disaster is because the numbers are so staggering:

18,000 QLD homes affected
15,000 NSW homes so far
2,000 premises deemed uninhabitable 
1,800 in Lismore alone
59 evacuation orders are still in place
affecting over 40,000 Sydney residents. 

Most tragic of all are the 21 lives lost as a consequence of what has now been officially declared a national disaster. 
NSW floods

And behind every one of those numbers is a human story: mums and dads, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins – whole communities whose lives have been upended, many of whom have lost everything. It’s heartbreaking. 

Queensland flooding Rubbish caused by Australian Floods
And yet it’s always the generosity of strangers that stems the tide of these disasters, no matter how regularly they seem to repeat in Aus these days. And so a wealth of initiatives are available to legends like yourselves to give what you can and show your support.

Your change can make a change.


Donate money online, items or volunteer from a list of needs that changes as requests are filled, and new needs are identified by support organisations providing aid and relief. 100% of publicly donated funds received by GIVIT will be used to purchase exactly what's needed by people and communities impacted by storms and flooding.

Australian Red Cross Flood Appeal:

Funds raised from the Qld and NSW Floods Appeal 2022 will help enable Australian Red Cross to provide humanitarian support to people and communities in Queensland and New South Wales affected by the 2022 floods.

    World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

    Your donation will help wildlife rescue partners respond to this disaster, support carers and vets to nurse injured animals back to health and repair wildlife facilities damaged by floods. 

    Once the waters subside, you'll also help flood-damaged tree planting projects - critical to the survival of koalas - get back on track, as well as efforts to build Australia's resilience against future disasters

    Donate to WWF.



    2022 floods Australia

    Image source: 9news.com.au

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