Meet Angelique

Meet Angelique

2020 has been quite the eventful non-eventful year for us; with the launch of Moto Est. in March, followed by lockdown, then during the few weeks of non-lockdown freedom in July we said "Fuck Covid. We're hiring!".
That's when we came to meet our newest member of the team, Angelique...
Angelique managed to get three solid shifts in at the showroom before Melbourne entered stage 4 lockdown. Fast forward a few (or more) months to the present day and we're so stoked to announce the Moto Femmes showroom is finally open again and Angelique's beautiful face is here waiting to greet you!
Ange has spent some solid hours working from home studying our full product range, slaying it with the social media, and helping with our recent learner friendly blogs. She's now officially off her Moto Est. L-Plates and is in store ready to assist you in building your dream moto outfit.
Please help her feel welcome by dropping past and saying hello, feel free to ask her all the tricky, technical questions you can think of!


Get to know Angelique   

In 11 words or less, how would you describe yourself?

A dreamer that looks like a bitch, acts like a dork.

Meet the newest staff member of Moto Est.

What got you into motorcycles?

Phoar….. *rubs back of neck*… Ok confession time.  I grew up in the 90's so my idols were the likes of Xena Warrior Princess, She Ra and Lara Croft (the video game).   

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, was the first film I had seen with a chick riding on a motorcycle.  From the moment Angelina Jolie strutted into a room in her motorcycle leathers with that ‘Yeah, Whatever’ attitude my eyes were opened and my heart fluttering.  The hook and sinker was the garage scene where she battles home intruders, ripping through the bullets on her motorcycle and spins a front wheelie to knock out one the bad guys.  That was the day I said to myself “It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine”.

Ok, cheesy trash films aren't the only reason but if the 'why not' is only that motorcycling is “dangerous” the pros completely outweigh the cons. 

What’s not to like? Motorbikes are sexy, come in all shapes and sizes, give you street cred and you open yourself to a whole new community of people you wouldn’t necessarily meet on a day to day basis.  I feel powerful when I am connected with the machine and mentally I am like a dog sticking its head out the car window.  Nothing beats it!

meet angelique 

How did your moto journey start?

My first attempt was at 21, but as a broke arts student and not knowing a single soul that rode motorcycles made paying for lessons expensive.  I decided to go travelling, pursuing a career in music, so it was only until I returned to Australia in 2015 and moved to Melbourne that I re-joined the throttle life.

I saved, slowly bought the gear, one piece at a time.  Luck came my way when I started dating a guy that had a spare bike (I didn’t know this at the time I met him… just an added bonus)Alas, the love transaction was limited but my passion for motorcycles wasn’t and after changing jobs and saving I was able to afford my first motorcycle which was a white 2013 Ninja 300. 

The day of my final riding test I was actually sick as dog with the stomach flu, so I guess you could say it was a painful hour or so of riding, but you know… don’t let sh*t hold you back haha!  I passed with flying colours and running on the adrenalin of finally achieving the goal I listened to Chris Issak’s Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing…...and passed out for the next three days.

meet angelique

After meeting us (Kate & Riz), you were keen to join the crew... why?!

Besides the fact my interview was the first time I had worn real pants for a few months and got a reality check on my lockdown habits? 
Up until COVID-19 hit Australian shores, I was hustling the live music industry working in production and coordinating/MC'ing VIP events and even hosting your local pub quiz night. 
Like many of those who work in the arts/music industry your job is your whole life and part of your self identity, so without it your soul is kind of lost.  When I came across Moto Est’s advert post “F*ck Covid, We’re Hiring!” it was as if the stars were realigning a new pathway for my passion for motorcycles was equal to music.

From the moment I wheeled up to the Moto Femmes showroom in Collingwood I just knew “Holy sh*t! I have found my people!”.  I have the utmost respect for those two boss babes who are so different in personality but hold the same likeness of building an inclusive community. 

That’s the whole point! It doesn’t matter what you identify as or what your quirks are, motorcycling is for anyone who chooses to get behind the throttle.  Taking a card from the Moto Femmes book the motto is basically; You do you, just don’t be a d*ck!


Where is your ultimate riding spot?

Anywhere that parallels the ocean view.  Before I discovered full throttle bliss, my calm happy place was staring out at the waves and beyond the horizon, because there is so much unknown out there and no wave is ever the same.  Combine the two and you have the ultimate meditation. 

Outside the moto femmes showroom

I love how the throttle life brings folks together.  Last year I was working on the Elton John Tour and overheard the video crew planning on hiring Harley Davidsons on their day off and once they established I was a throttler they had me join them as their tour guide. 

I had never led a group ride before so it was quite amusing to be leading a pack of Harley Davidsons through the twisties of the Southern Peninsula but they were grateful just to be riding and big-ass Harleys don’t favour the hair pins as much as my bike Tyche (Suzuki GS500).  They needed to get to the port so they could ferry across to the Great Ocean Road to see the famous 12 Apostles, so toilet breaks were a bunch of leathered bobble heads pulling over to pee in the bush.  I still keep in touch with that crew because memories like that last a lifetime.

Angelique riding in Collingwood 

What product is on the top of your wish-list?

Well originally it was to be the owner of a Hedon helmet, however, I decided “Treat Yo’Self” and got myself the Stable Black Racer Helmet to celebrate my new employment.  Now I would have to say it’s Black Arrow’s Trix Leather jacket.  The geometric leather detailing and the red satin lining is enough to make any gal to say SPLOOOOOSH!


We're open! What's it like working back in the real world?

Huzzah! Lockdown is over and I am back in the Moto Femmes Showroom! It's been a pretty mental first week or so back interacting with customers in real time, but I'm loving how everyone comes in and enthusiastically shares their stories out on the throttle and their dream bikes.  If I tell you to ''pop a squat" when trying on pants, it means I'm helping you check that you ain't gonna be a moto-plumber (*plumbers crack*) which is essential for feeling comfortable on your bike.  


Thanks for getting to know Angelique, we hope you get the chance to meet her in our Easey Street showroom.
If you have any questions or greetings for her, drop a line in the comments below.

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