best winter motorcycle gear for 2020

Gear Up & Keep Riding | Winter Warmers 2021

*updated for 2021

Quite like our restrictions, our weather has been just about as reliable as a Harley Shovelhead! Here in Melbourne, Australia we've had a cocktail of sunshine & hail, blue skies & shivering bones, dry one minute then soaked the next, but one thing us riders have in common is we do whatever we can to get one more ride in!

Gear up & continue to ride through the colder months!

the best winter motorcycle gear of 2020


During the few weeks of social freedom we had, we managed to squeeze in a fun shoot with two legends, Nadine & Dave. They geared up to keep riding through the colder months & so can you.


There is nothing worse than having the weather or ugly bulky clothing stop you from enjoying your ride, so we have carefully selected our favourite go-to winter getups, two outfits that tick all the boxes for warmth, comfort, style & safety. 


nubuck winter motorcycle jacket - moto est australia
womens motorcycle gear for women - moto est australia



winter motorcycle wardrobe for women

one icon The Moto Femmes Gasoline Tee:

Not warm, we know, but a great way to layer under your warm jacket with a pop of colour once that jacket comes off.

  The Black Arrow Night Hawk Jacket

Packed full of features to keep you riding through the cold but also trans-seasonal. It has a very warm quilted liner which is removable. A removable shearling collar keeps the cold wind off your neck but has a buckle so you can hold it up taking it to the next level. The nubuck leather outer is 1.5-2mm thick so really going to keep that cold wind out & you can also treat with a protector spray to ensure the rain beads straight off. The long sleeves with zip & stud closure keeps tight to your gloves blocking that wind from entering.

3  The GoGo Kevlar Leggings

We all know and love this brand but the good news is, you can wear them all year round! They are elasticed but tight so you can wear them as a base layer or wear them with a waterproof layer on top if riding in wet weather. They are thick and warm so stop wind getting in but aren’t bulky so you aren’t riding in bulky restrictive gear while trying to stay warm.

4 The Black Arrow Cashmere Neck Warmer 

A must have for your winter/spring kit! It’s hard to describe how warm these are. They stop that cold wind hitting your neck, can be worn under any jacket as they are thin but long, so you have maximum wind protection. Wearing an open face? Pull it up over your mouth & nose for serious coverage.

5  The 78 Motor Co. Sirocco Gloves

Say goodbye to bulky winter gloves but still keep your mits warm. Not only are they made from an extremely thick leather but they have no perforations and a micro fleece lining so you are safe from that cold wind & not only that but they come in three colours so you don’t have to have drab winter gear.

6  The REV’IT! Emerald Boots

Motorcycle shoes that have all the features to keep you riding all year round! Leather outer that naturally protects against rain but with a gusseted tongue that has been stitched to the sides to keep out wind, water and dirt. It doesn’t end there! They have a non-slip sole & also reflective strips at the back so you can be easily seen in bad weather.




what dave is wearing

1  The Tobacco California Riding Shirt

A great wind break for layering up but also an item that can be worn all year round. It is breathable so great to use as a layer but the canvas is thick so will add that bit of warmth to your ride.

2 The Blackbird Byron Jacket

It has panels of faux fleece lining on the inside to keep you nice and toasty but the nubuck outer is thick and strong so you are protected against the elements and you can treat the outer with a protector spray to ensure any water just beads away keeping you dry. The stud closure at the cuffs keeps the jacket tight to your gloves to eliminate wind coming in & then there is the faux fur collar which also folds up for added warmth.

3  The Clutch Moto Selvedge Denim Jeans

Denim is a great all year rounder but these jeans are made of 14oz raw selvedge denim so they are nice and thick and a great option for riding in the cooler months. They have a slim tapered fit so don’t feel bulky at all and for protection against the rain you can wear a waterproof layer on top.

4  The Grifter Scoundrel Winter Lined Gloves

Urban riding gear at it’s best! Made from a thick, naturally waterproof, bison leather but with the added warmth of their poly lining. They have a shorter cuff but are a great option when you want to keep your mits warm but have maximum winter style.

5  The REV’IT! Mohawk Boots

We absolutely love the high ankle on these boots as that is just that bit of extra coverage which is priceless when riding in the cold. Made from a thick cowhide they are naturally wind & waterproof but have been treated with an added water resistant coating. The gusseted tongue keeps the wind, water & dirt out, they have a non-slip sole and reflective panels on the back so you are seen when visibility is low.

 mens riding shirt

mens revit motorcycle boots




The Eudoxie Masha Rain Jacket

Going to be riding in a downpour? Keep your 100% rain & windproof jacket on hand! It is lightweight so you can take it anywhere, it also features a cotton lining and a rad reflective design on the back, keeping you safe during those times when visibility is an issue.
eudoxie rain jacket
revit rain motorcycle overpants

The REV’IT! Acid H2O Rain Pants 

A great layer to keep on hand for when you get caught in the rain. They pack down small but pack a punch when protecting you from the wet weather. 100% waterproof with Velcro adjustment at the legs so aren’t too bulky with reflective panels so drivers can see you when it’s gloomy. These are a unisex product so gals, size down from the bottoms you usually wear for the best fit.
*Gals size down, lads stick to standard sizing of pants.
open face hedon workshop helmet HEDON workshop full face helmet Australia 

The Hedon Hedonist Open Face Helmet

Ok so an open face may not be first choice for the cold months but they are versatile. Great visibility with the option to clip on one of their many visors for protection against that cold wind or rain.

The Hedon Racer Full Face Helmet

The perfect helmet for riding in the cold! Not only does it have a wide field of vision and a full visor, but the visor comes standard with an anti-fog double lens which makes it fog resistant on the inside to stop you fogging up when it’s cold out. The helmet has been designed to limit wind entry and they have a perfect fit with the suede lining so you don’t have to worry about it blowing around or distracting you on a wintery ride.
Hedon workshop helmets at Moto Est. Melbourne Australia

We hope you have enjoyed our winter wardrobe choices. For more information about each product and their functional features just click on the links to find out more & if you want a bit of added waterproof protection for your leather gear, check out our Australian Leather Seal.

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the best winter motorcycle gear for 2020

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78 motor co gloves

revit emerald ladies motorcycle boots

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Special thanks to the super cute couple in front of the camera; Nadine & Dave
The talent behind the cameras; Jake, Andy & Riz
And the legends over at Hellraiser for the bike porn and banter.

What a rad bunch of humans!
Read more about this winter shoot at Return of the Cafe Racers.

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